Is Morgellons Contageous?

I've addressed the subject of Morgellons being contagious several times in the past. Earlier this week, an update provided a link to a paper comparing animal infectious agents to Morgellons. The report stated that Morgellons is contagious. In response to that, Molly wrote the following:

Hi Richard,
I've read articles that talk about the similarities between Bovine Digitalis dermatitis and Morgellons but that's where it ends.The studies I have read have declared that Morgellons is only similar but is indeed NOT the same thing and Morgellons is also NOT contagious regardless if people in the same household or proximity have contracted it. They probably were exposed to the same agent that causes Morgellons which seems to be pointing to Lyme. To understand Morgellons please go to http:/ or google The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation.Both websites state that Morgellons is a NON infectious disease/disorder and the fibers are NOT parasites but human collagen."
Thank you,

Mary writes and asks
How many times a day can I safely use the baking soda & water mixture?

Sub for flax seed oil - a different OIL

I couldn't find the rice bran oil on the store site..........  wrote a note to the store & asked them to checked for me for "rice bran oil" & if under $25.00 to just ship to me & chg to card of record.   (READ MORE)

I don't mean to be a pest, but did you get my third try with the"""" Quiz answers """"" .  I don't know to do it any other way Richard than what I did.  PLEASE advise if you got the answers & if you believe you know what it is I have******

The air was very heavy this AM as I was to weak to vacuum yesterday.  Woke up still sick but feeling a little better now, nothing fantastic. Don't think I am dying soon. Will try to vacuum as can see the "lint bugs"
Husband going to the store, hopefully he will get all of the food I asked for. 

Constipation Revisited

Hi Richard,
I’m taking the Diatomaceous Earth as you said ½ teaspoon a day on an empty stomach.  Please write down what else should I be taking I normally have problem with my bowels period …..I need something to help make them normal especially since I’m trying to get these mites out of my system.  You name off so many things I stay confused I don’t have a lot of money but I need to start someplace.  I’m ready to buy the Ozone equipment right now but I need to be on some meds from your store.  Please tell me what I need to begin with so I can get these mites out of my system.  Thanks.

Hi Zelma
In addition to drinking 8 glasses a day of water, I'm told that Mag 07 is great for constipation
it's available at vitacost vitamins. here's the link

From your questionnaire, which I kept on file, it appears you're also dealing with Morgellons?

She says the Diet is Right On and Asks About White Lint in Hair

Hi Richard
Your diet is right-on.  I craved  something sweet and afterward I was right back where I started.  I'm back on the diet now.   
I wanted to ask you about the benefits of silver, if any.  Also, I've never had dandruff.  But I have what looks like white lint coming out of my hair and my scalp and back are very itchy.  
Thank you

Thanks for sharing your experience with the diet. It saved my life and many many others, and it's a amazing how well it works for so so many.

Silver? There are some who have reported that colloidal silver has benefited them. And there are so so many who report that colloidal silver did nothing. For me, after hearing how silver destroys bacteria, viruses, parasites and so on, I tried it many many years ago with great expectations, and the results just were not there. I call it a "Pig in a Poke." It might work miraculously for some and most likely it won't. But it doesn't hurt to try.  We used to have in in our on-line store and generally sold one to every 300 of the Garcillin supplement that we have. It's not in the on-line store simply because our supplier stopped handling it and when we find a new supplier we'll have it again in the store.

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