Garcillin and Morgellons DiseaseĀ 5/9/18


A few days ago, I received this email from Roxie who initially was dealing with Morgellons Fibers (which the CDC ignores), Collembola, skin fungus and maybe mites.

Dear Richard,

I received the Garcillin and took it immediately, on the second day I noticed less crawling sensations, and on the third day, I was able to sleep all night without wishing I would die! Dear God, I have wasted so much time and money on other worthless products . Thank you from every aspect of my life. I prayed for three years every night to die. I am hoping this is now my answer to those awful wishful prayers. I am going to open a capsule and give my dogs a few mcgs as well. God bless you.

The Lufenuron did not work for us, even the dogs taking it was not working. I pray this is our answer

Best wishes on all you do for all suffering this nightmare.


"Thank you for writing. Please keep me informed.
Remember, diet and disinfection is still most important."

I thank Roxie for taking the time to share her optimistically cautious email. Many many use Garcillin which is allicin, Roxie is one of the first to share her experience with it. And the reason I have it in our store was my own dramatic experience with Lyme disease. Where colloidal silver did nothing, Garcillin produced dramatic results for me. Garcillin (allicin) is a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti parasitic, anti fungal, and anti protozoan that is derived from garlic. The difference between pharmaceutical antibiotics is that pathogens can not adapt to them. But, don't make the mistake and think that taking a garlic supplement is the same. Garlic supplements have NO allicin in them.

While Roxie's and my experiences were dramatic, yours may not be. But that's not to say, it won't be doing amazing things for you.

In her case, she did not find lufenuron, that I've written about in my updates previously, of value. However, in her second questionnaire, while she was initially dealing with Morgellons Disease, Collembola, skin fungus and maybe mites, her second questionnaire only showed Morgellons Syndrome and Collembola. I can't say for sure that the lufenuron got rid of skin fungus and mites, but that's why it was in her protocol. So, who knows.

As the years pass by, I'm seeing something dramatic and that is "magic," for some who suffer from Morgellons disease and I'm putting together my thought on this for a super super update in the near future. For a percentage of Morgellons sufferers there is some specific supplement, oil, or substance that seems to cure them of Morgellons syndrome. In Roxie's situation, it was Garcilin.

By the way, many over the years, have written me to inform me that they found a much cheaper allicin product than our Garcilin products.
However, when I compare the ingredients in their find to our Garcillin products, invariably I find that they are only getting about one tenth of the allicin in our products. In fact we carry two strengths: our regular Garcillin and Garcilli II.

My first experience with allicin was our regular Garcillin and my detox reaction was phenomenally powerful. Since then I learned of even a more powerful allicin product, our Garcillin II which may be four times more potent. If you compare both our Garcilin Products, you'll find both have 300 mg of allicin. The difference is that Garcillin II has a much higher parts per million count than the regular Garcilin so while both have the same amount of allicin, Garcillin II has many more particles of allicin. To minimize detox reactions is why I suggest starting with the regular Garcillin and then advancing to Garcillin