Does Morgellons Duplicate in Your Body? 7/9/2021


Hi Richard 
Please please please send me the book about Allicin. My husband has been ordering me a lot of stuff from your store and it’s been working, so thank you for everything you have offered to creams and lotions to your wisdom. You are amazing and my light which I have needed for so long and now finally have my husband on board (maybe he is playing along but at least he is playing) I have a question, well 2.

1. After we kill Morgellons do they end up leaving like a sparkle speck behind I find them around my home in my car on my body all over the place and I was just wondering if that was them?

2. Once the Morgellons is in your body, does it duplicate? I ask this because if I can get them out of my body can I get them out for good or is it something that stays in my body forever that will replicate inside my body so that they will never be able to be removed? I think I may have found a way to pull them out.

Oh and by the way, I tested positive for Lyme’s disease I just went and got tested last week and I don’t ever remember being bit by a tick so that was a surprise, well not actually since when I read your book & in your emails you say constantly that they’re connected, so I wasn’t that shocked.
Thanks again,


Hi Marie,
On April 26th I sent you you detailed recommendations. I attached them again for you to review. I have also attached the Garcillin book for you too and an invitation to our Sunday free calls.

To answer your question, using my protocol with diet, bathing (cleaning skin) and disinfection of your environment, you clean them out of your body, otherwise they do duplicate. But you will always be susceptible to reinfection if for instance you open a box of things in storage that were contaminated and you didn't think to disinfect it before you opened it.

The sparkle you are referring to is most likely eggs of mites which you will see less and less of as you follow the protocol.

Also attached my free report on Lyme disease. If you follow the protocol which is pretty much the same as for Morgellons, you may not need treatment or any treatment that you do get will be far more effective.

I thank Marie for sending in her questions. In the very first email everyone receives it notes that we are walking, talking breeding parasite machines until we get the diet to kick in and follow the directions in the book - chapters III and IV.

To obtain speedy results, it's important to do four things at once.
Get the diet to kick in as detailed in Chapter III. When this happens symptoms diminish dramatically. The most up-to-date version is attached.
Deep clean your skin as instructed in Chapter III
Disinfect your environment as instructed in Chapter III
Use as many of the targeted supplements that are compatible with the diet, as recommended in the book and detailed recommendations from completing the attached questionnaire.

Getting one's spouse on board can be a big challenge and an important one. I'm happy that Marie's husband is on board.

I've seen situations where non supporting family members can make life miserable for the sufferer plus go Nuts on us cursing us out with all kinds of threats. Not a good household situation. So, having family support is ONE BIG help.