Scalp Full of Morgellons Fibers 4/12/18


How to deal with Morgellons fibers and other skin parasites in the scalp are one of the most frequent issues--especially with women as so Many more women than men are affected by Morgellons fibers. Jo writes and asks,

"Hi Mr. Richard. I have been fighting with Morgellons disease in my scalp making lesions. I have one on my head that is huge and it keeps growing with dark black hair. It hurts so bad,.I can't hardly stand the pain any longer, I also been having them in my nose and teeth. I was going to a Dr. that actually diagnosed me with the Morgellons disease and 3 drs. with Lyme disease. One of the doctors treating me knew of you, but for some reason he got his license taken away. I have followed your diet but for some reason I can't get rid of them in my scalp, nose and teeth.

"I have me on 3 antibiotics and Wellbutrin, but it's not working.The lesions on my face and the rest of my body cleared up, but not the one in my scalp.The antibiotics I'm on is Bactrim 2 x a day, Doxycycline 100mg 2 x a day, Zithromax 500mg 1xa day, and Wellbutrin XL 300mg 1x a day but it is not clearing it up. I lost all my hair on top of my head and some teeth and look's like some more teeth I will loose.They won't prescribe me the one 's you mentioned. I need help bad. I don't have a life anymore. Please help me. Please don't mention my name I know way to many people and very well known..thanks,"
Hi Jo,
You may want to double check your diet. Diet is tricky--it's a  guide. Sometimes a food that others can have, you can't. For instance, even though 99.5% can have rice, some can't have rice.

You should keep an eating diary to see if you're reacting to any of the foods on the diet.

Wellbrutrin is a med that has helped some people, but it may not be the one that helps you. Perhaps low dose Naltrexone would be better.

For your mouth--are you using our mouth wash? and keeping it in your mouth for up to an hour? several times a day? The idea is to be aggressive.

For your scalp, have you seen our protocol for the scalp? It's copied below. Again aggressive pays off.

Think of it this way: If you could give your scalp a bath with NG and a disinfectant for twenty minutes a couple times a day, your problem with your scalp would be solved. But, you can't so you the next best thing is with the aggressive protocol Sandra developed which follows.
 Scalping It Up--our coach, Sandra, developed this protocol

First: Shampoo and lather your hair with our Beauty Forever™ Shampoo.

Then rinse off and towel blot so it's not sobbing wet.

Second: apply to your scalp and behind your ears Nature's Gift Mouth Wash/Body Wipe solution containing NG, peppermint, cinnamon and ionic minerals

Next, take some Super MSM gel and Claudia's Dream Creamâ„¢ into the palm of your hand. Add in a few drops of peppermint oil and mix the MSM, Claudia's Dream Cream and the peppermint oil together.

Massage this gel/cream mixture deep into your scalp.

Then take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair to the ends.

Next, put a shower cap on for at least 30minutes and allow the scalp to heat up. You'll feel all the products activate in your scalp.

Ideally, repeat the entire procedure six times the first day twenty minutes apart. She started over a month ago and is down to 3-to-4 times a week--that's progress. She writes, "I now can tell If I need too do more or less treatments. I'm at the point if my scalp feels itchy I do a treatment to prevent a full blown relapse."

 Debris on the first day
 Debris after third day

Here's some of her diary. She wrote the following after the second day of treating her hair and sent the photos.

"Good evening Richard, I have been following your directions here are yuk fibers from my aggressive scalp treatments as you can see It's been very effective day 2. I have done 5 treatments today. shampooing/conditioner with Debriding soap in each bottle rinse towel blot until the scalp is damp not really wet proceed with Debriding soap, MSM gel, peppermint and Claudia's dream cream with shower cap for 30 min rinse off then proceed with the same process.Have a Beautiful Blessed evening. "Sandra K."
Day #2

After Day #3 she writes and sends more photos--you can see much less debris after just one more day

Many, many thanks to Sandra for her contribution and thanks to Jo for her question. The antibiotics she's on are the one's typically used for Lyme disease/Morgellons. This protocol for the scalp is in addition to the general protocol for Morgellons treatment.