DE vs Bentonite Clay Morgellons Treatment 4/17/18


This is more of a report than an update. You may want to keep it for future reference. I'm going to compare the benefits of using diatomaceous earth (DE) to using bentonite clay--both used in Morgellons treatments protocols. And, then I'll add in a newer internal parasitic infection--rope worms. Looking at the benefits of each and given the choice between using DE or bentonite clay for skin parasites, I'd choose DE--see if you agree.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is the least expensive and maybe the most effective approach to cleansing your digestive and intestinal system. Plus it goes into your blood stream to work there too.

The people at recommend one teaspoon of it in something to drink twice a day on an empty stomach. You can drink it with water, water flavored with lemon or lime, or coffee. I take it with tomato juice in the morning, but it doesn't mix well, so I really have to stir it well--make sure the tomato juice has no offending ingredients to the diet.

You can kill "two birds with one stone" and also take it with a teaspoon of baking soda as well.

But, maybe, you can be more aggressive. I found this post on line that I reprinted in an earlier update about rope worms discussed near the end of this report.

Basically, she suggests the following schedule for Monday thru Friday--take nothing on Saturday and Sunday
First week: One teaspoon a day
Second Week: one teaspoon twice a day
Third Week: one and a half teaspoons twice a day
Fourth week: one tablespoon twice a day
Fifth week: one and a half tablespoons twice a day
Sixth week:; Start over from the first week, i.e. back to one teaspoon a day.

Her post read,
"If you feel stomach cramps and pains. Please be advised. When you are going to use the restroom. The parasites dig into the walls of intestines to avoid being carried out. They do the same when DE is taken. Do not stop using it for stabbing pins and needles feeling inside the gut. Its doing its job. Trust me. I started getting the runny nose, watery eye,s sneezing, flu like symptoms, which proved I had the die off symptoms. Increase your water intake with this product as it is naturally drying. I started seeing hundreds of thread worms and flukes. From mucus. To strings or threads very short. To toothpicks poking out. Some were red. Like a cherry stem, and some like rolled up pieces of tomato skins or what looks like red potato skins. To the longer rubbery yellow thicker strings. To the ones that look like bean sprouts. Once it looked like… a tiny ball of greenish strings. If you ever see broken pieces of corn, sunflower seeds, or rice like things on your stool, those are eggs!"

You can order diatomaceous earth direct from or from us at the same price. They carry 8 sizes from one liter to fifty pounds. We only carry the two pound bag. The benefit of getting diatomaceous earth from us is that for the same postal charge you can add other items from our on-line store and save on shipping.

Diatomaceous earth is a very flexible substance. Let's compare diatomaceous earth to bentonite clay. Most bentonite clay comes from the Fort Benton area of Wyoming. Dr Axe lists the benefits of using bentonite clay. Further below are the benefits of diatomaceous earth. Comparing these benefits, I'd vote for diatomaceous earth. Here are the benefits as reported in his report:
1. It's a wound healer including poison ivy--nothing that a few drops of NG won't do.
2. Supports digestive health by removing toxins--diatomaceous earth also removes toxins.
3. Neutralizes bacteria and viruses in the digestive system--diatomaceous earth absorbs viruses, not sure about bacteria.
4. Helps lose weight--the King Diet™ does that too.
5. Helps with thyroid function--if you have thyroid issues, this may be an consideration for you to use bentonite clay instead of diatomaceous earth--it depends on how beneficial the bentonite is for you.
6. Stops growth of two type of cancer cells in a lab setting--this would be rare issue in dealing with Morgellons Syndrome, mites, or other skin parasites.
7. Boosts immunity by destroying harmful bacteria and viruses in the digestive system--again, diatomaceous earth destroys viruses and if you're using Garcilin™, it's a natural antibiotic, anti viral, anti fungal, and anti protozoan.
8. May support respiratory health but research is necessary to confirm this claim.
9. Could improve health of teeth and gums--again not proven, but it won't do anything that our NG mouth wash won't.
10. Removes fluoride from drinking water--if you're using our ionic minerals with distilled water, this is not an issue. And I don't recommend drinking portable water with fluoride or chloride anyway but instead a bottled water without fluoride or chloride.
11. A baby powder alternative--that would make sense rather than talcum powder.

According to another article by Dr Axe, diatomaceous Earth, DE, "usually comes in the form of a white powder and is also used in water filtering, food manufacturing, skin products and farming to naturally eliminate free radicals, viruses, insects, parasites and other harmful organisms by binding to them and drying them out. It also has the ability to improve the body’s use of calcium, improve bone mineralization, protect joints and fight effects of aging. And that’s not all.

The article goes on to list six benefits of diatomaceous earth
1. Detoxifies by reducing odors, helping to curb gas, cleansing the digestive tract, boosting liver function and absorbing harmful toxins within the blood. And  it does heavy metal detox in the digestive and intestinal areas. And detoxes your blood. Bentonite clay does this but is not reported to detox your blood.

2. When used in water filtration, it helps purify the water by removing viruses and heavy metals. Bentonite clay does this too.

3. Effective against internal parasitic infections. Bentonite clay does this too.

4. As a pesticide in the home, it destroys all organisms that come in contact with it. Rather than dusting it as a powder, it's beneficial to add about 5 tablespoons to a 32 oz spray bottle and add water, but don't fill to the top, leave enough space so you can shake it well to disperse the DE. Then spray furniture, flooring, walls, clothing, inside your shoes and boots, auto interior, and so on. Bentonite clay is not reported to have this benefit.

5. Improves bone, joint, and ligament health: This one is new to me. A study reports that silica is beneficial for bone and connective tissue and helps prevent low bone mass (osteoporosis). Bentonite clay is not reported to have this benefit.

6. Helps protect skin, nails and teeth: This one is new to me too. Looks like we have a winner here. Can be used in your tooth paste. Since you might not have it in your tooth paste, maybe if you applied the tooth paste (recommend one without flouride) to your brush and then dipped it into DE, enough would adhere. On the skin, "it dries out harmful toxins and leaves behind clean, smoothed skin with little to side effects. It also seems to have anti-aging effects by helping with the use of calcium in forming strong bones, nails and teeth." And of course, our ionic minerals supply you with all the calcium you need. But, maybe this is why so many love our Super MSM gel which has DE in it. All along I've been thinking that, "Yes, the DE will destroy organisms on your skin, but it may dry out your skin," I now see that wasn't correct. It actually benefits your skin

In summary:

Benefits are:

  • improved digestion and more regular bowel movements
  • better liver and colon functioning
  • improved detoxification and removal of heavy metals
  • internal parasite cleanse
  • stronger immune function and protection from illnesses
  • a cleaner home, free from parasites, bed bugs and viruses
  • healthier-looking skin, hair and nails
  • stronger bones and protection from fractures or osteoporosis
  • improved joint and ligament health
  • improved energy
  • for dogs and cats, cleaner skin and flea control
A subscriber asked if I was familiar with rope worms. I was not, but Google provided a reference about them. First of all, it's a recognized fact that one our of four humans have some kind of internal parasite. And with organisms like Morgellons syndrome wearing down your health and immune system, opportunistic internal parasites can have a field day and it's more like one out of two Morgellons disease sufferers have internal parasites. Rope worms are a relatively new parasite. "It has been reported that they can be over one meter long, with an irregular cylindrical shape, resembling a rope. These anaerobic intestinal “rope” parasites differ significantly from other well-known intestinal parasites."

Click here or go to to learn more. The problem is that it's most unlikely that you'll find a doctor who is capable of diagnosing you with rope worms much less pin worms and many other internal parasites. Here again, diatomaceous earth makes sense.

Again, food grade diatomaceous earth is dirt cheap (pun intended) compared to other detox protocols and it does as much as the other products, including bentonite clay, and much more. But, you decide. You might try each and see which is best for you.

Try getting worm wood or black walnut hull (two intestinal cleansers) do all that. You can get it from or from our on-line store for $10.95 plus postage. If you need other supplements or products from us, it makes more sense to order from us since our maximum postal fee is $11.50, otherwise, the postage alone for two pounds of DE exceeds the $11.50