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Many More Women Than Men 3/19/18

One hundred women to ten men!!!?  Read More

Oxygen Therapy 3/17/18

For years I've recommended food grade hyrrogen peroxide  Read More

I Want My Face Back 3/16/18

"Since my face got discolored fighting parasites off while they attack my body what do you suggest"?  Read More

The Lyme Parasite Conundrum 2/26/18

KE asks, "should I be asking for blood work to see if I have that bacteria that causes Lyme disease?"  Read More

White Sticky Stuff Re-Visited 2/25/18

Gaylinn had the same problem with white sticky stuff and found...  Read More

Do You Have White Sticky Stuff in Your Clothes? 2/20/18

I emailed you about how to get the white stuff out of my clothes.  Read More

Death Sentence?? 2/19/18

Erica write, "...all of this cleaning and wiping this that and the other sounds like a death sentence to me"  Read More

The Ultimate Collembola Killer 2/18/18

This update may be a very important one for some of you dealing with a resistant strain of Collembola.  Read More

New Advances In Lufenuron 2/17/18

Lufenuron is a pet medication that inhibits the production of chitin. Chitin is the substance that eggs of mites are made  Read More

Bathing and Nature's Gift Soap Question 2/16/18

Julie asks,
My reinfection is unfortunately charging ahead and I wanted to ask
Read More

Does Soap Kill 2/15/18

Theresa asks,
Does the soap penetrate into the skin to get rid of the underlying crawling and kill them?
Read More

Doctors Do Mental Harm 2/12/18

Hi Richard
I cannot put into words or express my gratitude on your relentless research on this evil affliction.
Read More

Constipation Revisited 2/11/18

Hi Richard,
I am taking the Diatomaceous Earth as you said one teaspoon a day on an empty stomach.
 Read More

Sweet Tooth Recipe  2/8/18

Melisa contributes a recipe for your sweet tooth that is stage 1 of the diet compatible. Read More

She Says She's on the Diet & Asks About White Lint in Hair 2/7/18

Hi Richard
Your diet is right-on. I craved �something sweet and afterward I was right back where I started.
 Read More

Is Morgellons Contagious? 2/1/18

I've addressed the subject of Morgellons being contagious several times in the past. Read More

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