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Using Mouth Wash, NG, & Lufenuron for Morgellons Disease 9/16/18

 My main reason for writing is my mouth...   Read More

Morgellons Disease Treatment Questions  9/9/18

 realize this a real challenge so I'm not expecting you to have an answer.   Read More

You Might Have to Give Collembola the Boot 9/3/18

Many have reported that they get infected outside of their homes as they walk in their walk way or around their property.   Read More

Ozone Update and Alternatives 9/1/18

The most recent recommendation is to treat the affected area with ozone every day for 21 days straight...  Read More

Disinfecting Papers and Books 8/30/18

To treat thick books like the thickest encyclopedias my husband wrapped them in 2 layers of tin foil and... Read More

Ignorant Politics Rule the Reality of Morgellons Disease 8/26/18

It's more like a bunch of nosey busy bodies looking for dirty underwear than... Read More

Is Nature's Gift Safe for a Young Child 8/19/18

is it safe for a 5 year old to soak in a tub with NG and a disinfectant? Read More

King Diet for Morgellons Sufferers Now Has Taco Salad 8/17/18

...evil Monsanto is the cause of much health related misery in our country and maybe the world Read More

Evil Monsanto Found Guilty 8/16/18

...evil Monsanto is the cause of much health related misery in our country and maybe the world Read More

How Do I Keep Them Out of My New Car? 8/12/18

I'm very concerned and you may be the only one to help. Read More

It's really difficult to diagnose scabies. 8/10/18

It's really difficult to diagnose scabies. Read More

Itchy Skin Rash Finally Gone After Two Years 8/9/18

...my itchy skin rash - that I had for about 2 years has been gone for over 6 months now because of YOU Read More

Yea you are getting rich off the suffering people 8/5/18

...every day you go to doctors, pay lots of money and then thank them for absolutely nothing and don't complain to them about their ignorance and stupidity when they diagnose you as delusional. Read more

Mouth Wash Just Might Be So Much More? 7/29/18

All in all, it might become the most important product ever. Read More

Water, water, water and glutathione 7/20/18

...something that is not on the label, may be as important as taking MaxOne, is to... Read More

Trouble Disinfecting Laundry 7/15/18

...I created a soap that works great for me after many failed attempts. Read More

Disinfecting Collembola and Morgellons with Ozone 7/12/18

....shock treatments for 21 straight days... Read More

Strongyloides On the Rise In Australiia 7/1/18

Strongyloides is another skin parasite that threatens health and sanity and results in itching symptoms of its rashes Read More

Fight Morgellons Disease by Boosting Glutathione 6/30/18

It's really too bad that doctors do not have you tested for glutathione levels like the do for cholesterol... Read More

Morgellons Disease in the News 6/26/18

Newsweek published this press release Read More

Looking for the Magic Bullet to Kill Morgellons Disease 6/24/18

she told me she had a cure for Morgellons. Read More

 Disinfect Morgellons with Clove Oil 6/18/18

Disinfecting the organism from your surroundings has always been a challenge! Read More

 Morgellons Disease and Your Eyes 6/17/18

Almost every week someone writes me with serious issues with Morgellons in their eyes Read More

 Cleaner for Toilet Seats  6/11/18

Toilet seats are always a challenge. Read More

 Take This to Your Doctor for Morgellons Disease 6/9/18

...super important to read as it provides a summary of everything done to date... Read More

 Morgellons Disease and Face Lesions 6/3/18

"Its only been a week and my face is completely healed!" Read More

 War on Fluoride with Morgellons Disease 5/29/18

Which would you rather have, bad teeth or bad brain?? Read more

 Amazing Results With Glutathione 5/26/18

"I took three Garcillin and 2 MaxOne this morning and I feel like..." Read More

 More Parasites Bite the Dust 5/20/18

"I thought I was going to lose my mind until..." Read More

 Gout and Renal Issues for Morgellons Sufferers  5/18/18

"...I don't want to lose my foot or have more issues... Read More

 How About the Deeper Levels of Your Morgellons Infected Skin?  5/13/18

"How soon can you tell us about this new development?" Read More 

 Baking Soda Magic 5/14/18

...a few have reported that Baking Soda alone was all that was necessary, in addition to the King diet, to get their lives back from Morgellons... Read More  

 Garcillin and Morgellons Disease 5/9/18

"...I was able to sleep all night without wishing I would die!"   Read More

 Is Burning Skin Associated with Morgellons Disease? 5/6/18

"my skin burns like I have a sunburn..."

 Lyme Disease and Morgellons Syndrome 5/1/18

in spite of antibiotic therapy, all subjects were found to still be infected with the Lyme spirochetes. Read More  

 27 out of 100,000 Suffer From Delusions of Parasites 4/29/18

a report titled, Delusions of Skin Infestation May Not Be So Rare Read More  

 Smell the Roses, but Don't Fall Into Them 4/25/18

"It is a rare fungal infection...

Time for Stress Relief from Morgellons Syndrome 4/23/18

Morgellons syndrome and other skin parasites can steal away your life not only physically, but mentally too. Read More   

The Morgellons Treatment King Diet 4/22/18

"Not until I discovered the King Diet™ did I notice real improvement in my fight against skin parasites..." Read More   

Are You Suffering from Strongyloides? 4/21/18

Strongyloides stercoralis is another mean skin parasite.

Motel-Hotel Warning 4/18/18

"...my condition started from staying in a filthy motel..." Read More   

DE vs Bentonite Clay Morgellons Treatment 4/17/18

...compare the benefits of using diatomaceous earth (DE) to using bentonite clay... Read More   

Be Careful of Rose Bushes 4/16/18

"Morgellons raised it's ugly head after I fell into rose bushes..." Read more  

Lyme Disease Toxins and Morgellons Disease   4/15/18

"My doctor was telling me that if a person with parasites or Morgellons has mercury amalgams that they need to be remove... Read more  

Scalp Full of Morgellons Fibers 4/12/18

"I have been fighting with Morgellons disease in my scalp making lesions.". Read more

Frequency to Apply Skin Creams for Morgellons Disease   4/9/18

our deep cleaning creams and lotions help rejuvenate your skin  Read more

Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous When It Comes to Morgellons Treatment  4/8/18

"Medications that work for Morgellons Cure and Treatment  Read more

Enemas as Part of Morgellons Treatment  4/5/18

"This is so embarrassing, I pulled out about a dozen organisms in the anal area..."Read More

My Book Saves Morgellons Women From Divorce?? 4/1/18

My husband banged his hand against the table and said that I wasn’t doing enough.  Read More

She's Not Afraid Anymore 3/26/18

"With your protocol, Richard, I am not afraid any more. God led me to you!!"  Read More

The CDC Has Acknowledged Morgellons--Don't Hold the Party Yet!! 3/26/18

"The researchers concluded that the fibers are clearly biological in nature...  Read More

Morgellons Affects More Women Than Men 3/25/18

"...women meet with an unprecedented amount of resistance from their husbands..."Read More

DIagnosing Morgellons Disease and Lyme Disease 3/20/18

I have been suffering from Morgellons for almost 3 yrs now and I didn't realize what it was...   Read More

Many More Women Than Men 3/19/18

Many More Women Than Men Have Morgellons Disease...  Read More

Oxygen Therapy 3/17/18

For years I've recommended food grade hydrogen peroxide...  Read More

I Want My Face Back 3/16/18

"Since my face got discolored fighting parasites off while they attack my body what do you suggest"?  Read More

The Lyme Parasite Conundrum 2/26/18

KE asks, "should I be asking for blood work to see if I have that bacteria that causes Lyme disease?"  Read More

White Sticky Stuff Re-Visited 2/25/18

Gaylinn had the same problem with white sticky stuff and found...  Read More

Do You Have White Sticky Stuff in Your Clothes? 2/20/18

I emailed you about how to get the white stuff out of my clothes.  Read More

Death Sentence?? 2/19/18

Erica writes, "...all of this cleaning and wiping this that and the other sounds like a death sentence to me"  Read More

The Ultimate Collembola Killer 2/18/18

This update may be a very important one for some of you dealing with a resistant strain of Collembola.  Read More

New Advances In Lufenuron 2/17/18

Lufenuron is a pet medication that inhibits the production of chitin. Chitin is the substance that eggs of mites are made  Read More

Bathing and Nature's Gift Soap Question 2/16/18

Julie asks,
My reinfection is unfortunately charging ahead and I wanted to ask
Read More

Does Soap Kill 2/15/18

Theresa asks,
Does the soap penetrate into the skin to get rid of the underlying crawling and kill them?
Read More

Doctors Do Mental Harm 2/12/18

Hi Richard
I cannot put into words or express my gratitude on your relentless research on this evil affliction.
Read More

Constipation Revisited 2/11/18

Hi Richard,
I am taking the Diatomaceous Earth as you said one teaspoon a day on an empty stomach.
 Read More

Sweet Tooth Recipe  2/8/18

Melisa contributes a recipe for your sweet tooth that is stage 1 of the diet compatible. Read More

She Says She's on the Diet & Asks About White Lint in Hair 2/7/18

Hi Richard
Your diet is right-on. I craved �something sweet and afterward I was right back where I started.
 Read More

Is Morgellons Contagious? 2/1/18

I've addressed the subject of Morgellons being contagious several times in the past. Read More

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