A Must Read if You're Having Trouble with Digestion 12/26/2023


Digestion is a problem many experience day in and day out - gas, bloating, and poor digestion. 

This can be a minor problem or a serious one involving leaky gut syndrome and all it's complications. 

For starters, let's hope it's a minor problem. A minor digestion issue is often deal with by taking digestive enzymes. Start with
► Our Agro Relief Digestive Enzymes and take one with every meal. Click here to purchase Nature's Gift® Agro Relief Digestive Enzymes.
► Add prebiotics to your diet. . Read, "Why Prebiotics are the Answer to Morgellons and Probiotics Aren't." Prebiotics are foods like onions, leeks, garlic, and even cocoa. 

► If digestion doesn't significantly improve,
 next step is to add our product, Nature's Gift® Digestive and Skin Regenerator. Click here to purchase NG Digestive Aid now.

Ingredients of Digestive Aid & Skin Regenerator

Ginger 212.6 mg
White Tea 186.1 mg
Sage 84.8 mg
Green Tea 194.7 mg
Cats Claw 487 mg

Nature's Gift® Digestive and Skin Regenerator

What does skin and gut health have to do with each other? The answer is simple: Epithelial cells are in the skin as well as the gut and it just turns out that plolyphenols are super important digestive aids and the same polyphenols also benefit regenerating the skin. It's like "two for one."

These ingredients also enhance the power of Garcillin 

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Again, if digestion doesn't significantly improve, the legally I must tell you to seek medical advice from your physician. In the meantime while you are waiting for your appointment, look into the possibility that you are dealing with leaky gut. 

Leaky gut means that parasites, Candida, toxins, and so on are leaking from your intestines into your blood stream and can result in serious health issues. 
Intestinal parasites leaking into your blood stream are carried into your joints causing pain and inflammation. They also can go into you skin causing inflammation, rashes and discomfort. 

Candida can be carried into any and all organs where it is converted into a more dangerous fungal organism. 

Toxins are simply poisons. 

Here's where I recommend a multi faceted approach in addition to the above.
Fen ben for intestinal parasites. Plus they take up residence anywhere in your body - joints, skin, and so on. We do not have this in our store. Click here to order it. 96 caps of 444 mg is the best option. 
While the King Diet is an anti candida diet, it does not affect the candida that has gotten into the other organs of your body from leaky gut. This is where you want to look into
lufenuron. We do not handle this in our store,Click here to obtain it. Start with 96 caps for 96 days. Remember you must consume a small amount of oil (butter, rice bran, animal fat, coca butter (our dark chocolates) when you take each capsule 
Anti Fungal Pack consists of: 
Nature's Gift® Chitosanase Enzyme Formula to dissolve biofilm and fungal organisms through out your body. 
     2. Nature's Gift® Calcium Decylex Plus (undecylenic acid) inhibits growth of new fungal organisms. 
► the mucosa (repair leaky gut) and restore gut biome, we have Nature's Gift® Herbal Gut Restore.

Nature's Gift® Herbal Gut Restore.
A powerful blend of herbs and supplements to repair the gut and build gut biome.

What and why are gut biome important? Read "Gut Bacteria Aids in Morgellons Recovery and Dictates Your Health" 11/18/19

Instructions: Take one capsule 30 to 60  minutes before your first meal of the day.

For the first week:
Take one additional capsule 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed at night
After the first week, go to 2 capsules 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed at night.

Caution: If you experience diarrhea, back off until it goes away. Repairing the Gut may produce runny bowels in the beginning.