Help for Your Eyes, Nose, Ears, and Hair 9/27/2023


I was going through my draft file and found this one that somehow I missed publishing months ago. It's one person's experience with organisms in her eyes, nose, and so on and how she progressed. Unfortunately, I missed making note of her name so that I could give her credit She writes:

"Hi Richard:

I wanted to share a few things that have really helped me improve in the final stages of getting well that might help other people as well.

I was able to take myself to about 92% well through various treatments including the King diet, NG soap, environmental cleaning, Lufenuron, and lots of etc.  But there were a final items that really were a "tipping" point for me that has brought me to homeostasis most of the time.  I'm sharing these items/strategies here in hopes that they might help other people.

I have Collembola and Morgellons (lighter case--no lesions).  A few months ago, my last stubborn areas on my body with parasitic activity were my hairline, eyebrows, and eyes. I also believe it is very important to BREAK the breeding cycle of Collembola in your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.  Because you will continue to be reinfected (and your hair reinfected) unless you are addressing your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth AT THE SAME TIME.

I had Morgellons/Collembola in my eyes.  My eyes were painful, felt like foreign objects were in them, and I would wake up with white flecks in my eyelashes. Occasionally, there would be pimples along the lash line.

I found you mentioned Ovante in one of your book versions and the eye wipes by Ovante really helped my eyes and eyelashes. The name of the wipes is: Ovante Eyelid Wipes With Coconut and Tea Tree Oil For Humans

With Demodex,
Blepharitis & Itchy Eyelids Link:
They are also great to have with you if you feel parasitic activity (especially if you are away from home).  Tip: Rip the wipes in pieces and you can use the pieces on your eyes, ears, eyebrows, etc. so you don't reinfect areas by rubbing in multiple locations.  If you cut the strips, make sure you disinfect the scissors first!  And of course, you are using this AFTER you are using NG on your face (I like the peppermint soap, the best for me).

More Eyes/Ears

Ovante eye wipes were working pretty well, but I remembered that Robin had told me months ago that colloidal silver helped clear her eyes of Morgellons. I didn't try it right away because there are so many products to try and I like to try things one at a time so I really know what works; it is a lengthy process. I did a lot of research on colloidal silver and decided to try a few different eye drops. I then tried these magical eye drops that made such a quick impact in clearing my eyes that I was shocked!  As soon as my eyes cleared, my hairline and eyebrows stopped itching.  Truly like magic.Two other people in my family that are also infected with parasites also benefited quickly.

What is great about these drops, is that you can also use them in your ears, as well. Initially, I used them whenever I felt activity (at least twice a day) a few drops in the eyes and ears. Now I use them once a day before bed in my eyes and don't need to use them in my ears anymore. If I am sorting through an old box of infected materials and feel like my eyes have been reinfected, I immediately wash my face with the NG peppermint soap and then put a few drops of the colloidal silver eye drops in my eyes.  And, I don't get reinfected.  This $15.00 bottle was a game changer for me and two family members. The drops are called: 
Wellness Solutions All Natural Ear & Eye Drops 2 oz Dropper Bottle Vegan and Gluten Free.  Link:

I picked up the recommendation from another person who cleared themselves of Morgellons/Collembola to line your nose at all times with a sunblock that has a combination of Titanium Dioxide (8%) and Zinc Oxide (3.8%).  This suffocates the collembola, fungus, morgellons, etc. Or so that is the theory (who knows)?  It works. That's all I know.

I never had a problem with parasites in my mouth, but just in case they felt like migrating there, I used the NG mouthwash or Listerine Freshburst as a preventative. I read that beekeepers use Listerine to kill mites.  For me, the Listerine was a cheap and effective way to sanitize my toothbrush, retainers, etc. before using them at night. (Note that Listerine dehydrates your mouth)

My hair regimen has changed as I have gotten better. So, I am sharing my latest iteration that works best for me now to keep everything in maintenance mode. If I have a reinfection, then I switch for a day or two to a more intensive treatment with essential oils. But this is my current daily treatment and I am thrilled with the results. I use a mixture of
Ovante Demodex Shampoo for Treatment of Scalp Demodicosis, 6
and NG Peppermint Soap or a few drops of NG Concentrate. I put the mixture on my head when I enter the shower and leave it there while I do all my other skin cleaning. Then I rinse it out and reapply the Demodex shampoo and rinse again. I have a couple of stages to my skin cleaning, which I won't go into because this is turning into a long e-mail.  After I use the NG peppermint soap on my body, I then use the Ovante Demodex shampoo all over my body as well. I have found the two in combination to be most effect for me.  I have been a shower person throughout this entire healing process (I don't like baths); so, it is possible to get well with just showers.

Now most of the time, I am well unless I reinfect myself. My car continues to be a problem. We have tried everything to clear it (electrostatic sprayer, ozone, changing filters, etc.)  It is a lost cause.  I am switching it out soon for a car with no carpet on the floor and I think that will really put me on the final leg of this journey to being 100% well (examples of cars with no carpet: Honda Element, Ford Bronco Sport---you can literally wash down the floors and there is a floor drain).  Why do cars have carpet anyway?

Thank you for all you and Robin do, and hope these tips help someone!"

My appreciation for this lady taking the time to share her experience by writing it down. Regarding her automobile, she probably was unaware of the cabin filter in her air conditioning system that easily gets contaminated and must be changed. You can go to youtube and search for cabin filter in your particular model of car and learn how to change it or have your mechanic change it. Many are located behind the glove compartment. 

Also note that we have a high quality colloidal silver in our store as well and generally with our NG shampoo and other products there's no need to go elsewhere for products. But the point is that by making the diet work, you can get creative using our products to get your life back.