Is Burning Skin Associated with Morgellons Disease? 5/6/18


Janet asks, "Richard my skin burns like I have a sunburn. Has anyone with Morgellons disease ever complained of this? Thank you."

"If you go to webmd and type in the symptom of burning skin, skin fungus will come up.
if you're bathing with Nature's Gift™ debriding soap, it's best to use a cup of apple cider vinegar as a disinfectant along with the NG.
Then after you shower, apply the diluted NG and then apply apple cider vinegar to the burning area.
Be aggressive and do this every few hours."

I thank Janet for asking the question.

Skin fungus can be a complication of Morgellons Syndrome or any other parasitic infection--particularly easy to get since we take so many baths and fungus loves moist skin. While the King Diet™ is strict for Morgellons Syndrome, it is not nearly as strict for skin fungus although it's important to avoid sugars, and foods with yeast, cheese, and most fruits--anything with a high glycemic index that easily converts to sugar after being ingested.

Skin fungus can be serious. Just Google
"skin fungus" images and see for yourself. I'm far from an expert on skin fungus, but from my experience there seems to be many different types. Years ago, WebMd had a page relating burning of the skin to skin fungus. That page is now gone and the only types of skin fungus discussed on the sites that are associated with a burning feeling are fungus of the feet and groin or from ring worm or yeast overpopulation of the skin.

My first experience of skin fungus came from my Jacuzzi. It was before I discovered the importance of using a disinfectant along with NG in the bath water. It was like suddenly my skin was red and burning every where after I got out of the tub, particularity on my legs and suddenly I had another major problem. I realized the burning was from a fungus when I noticed that it also attacked the sponge head rest I used in the Jacuzzi--Collembola never did that. My experience was a lot different than what I see published on the internet today. Burning of the skin can also be a symptom of other serious issues as well, thus I must advise you to consult with our doctor first.

My experience with skin fungus, as described in my book, is that it can migrate through fabric which makes it challenging. For instance, if you have skin fungus on your upper leg and use a lap top, it can migrate up to the fabric on the underside of the lap top. So, unless you are disinfecting the underside of your lap top, you'll never get rid of the skin fungus on your leg. And if you sit at a table with a table cloth that touches your leg, it will migrate onto that table cloth.

Likewise, if is on your back, it will migrate to the chair back and where your back rests in your bed. Get the picture?

It can be contagious, but not to everyone as my spouse isn't affected by it.

Spraying ammonia is an effective way of disinfecting just as it is for Morgellons and Collembola. And, using ammonia in your laundry and dryer is also effective for your clothes. Overall, if you're diligent, you'll get it in control in about a week or so. The interesting thing is that before you feel the burning, it can feel like a tickle and if you don't deal with it, the next is itching accompanied with biting. But, as opposed to the biting with Collembola or Morgellons, the biting sensation with skin fungus will move from one spot to another--at least that was my experience with it.