Intestinal Parasites Squirming Wild with Morgellons  5/18/2023


A month or so ago, the topic for our Sunday Call was dealing with Intestinal parasites. Click here to watch.

Today, I received this email from Renee. Read it and see if it sounds like she's suffering from intestinal parasites getting loose into her body as described after her note.  

"I have seen many different types of parasites in my stool, and felt one going up into my inner ear. Something has been growing around my head and underneath my mouth and into my neck, it is so strong, I feel its sharp piercing into my gums and jaw and neck, it now movers my whole face, I had 4 MRI and the last one was in 2019, nothing showed up, I have no idea what to do, I tried to go to a mayo clinic but my insurance doesn't cover it, I'm being eaten alive and still see different ones, I have no skin issue other than the biting in my leg that has been there since 2008, I still have that, in 2012 I started have the crawling in scalp and biting, like I said the diet helped but nothing is helping my head, bad bad pain. Help! any suggestions or a doctor that can help!! its almost choking me to death!!!   Thanks Renee

I do not profess to be an expert on intestinal parasites which are usually worms also known as nematodes and also known as helmiths so when I happened upon this video, by Dr. Holly Lucile ND, my interest was piqued.

Turns out that nematodes, as I suspected, are not limited to your intestines. They can be throughout your body and contribute to arthritic like pains and inflammation. This substantiates many having told me that they feel a crawling movement in their neck, chest, and so on. I've felt this in one of my ears when it lay on my pillow at night and at my anus.

She estimates nine out of ten people have internal parasites. They can be gotten by walking barefoot outside, consuming foods, in swimming pools, and so on and they can lie dormant in your body for years causing no problems or they can be causing problems typically not associated with internal parasites. One thing for certain, once you become infected with Morgellons, it's highly likely they become a major issue which is why our first focus is to deal with them. 

It's important to differentiate internal parasites that she's speaking of verses Morgellons and Collembola which can also be systemic (internal). There are no similarities among them.

Question: When was the last time your doctor had you take a stool sample for seven days straight? Never, right? But that's what would be needed to diagnose many parasites. So, as you know, modern medicine completely ignores internal parasites. 

The highlights of the video are:

Internal intestinal parasites can cause leaky gut allowing toxins, Candida, and these parasites to get into your blood stream and travel through out your body to:
ruin eye sight
destroy immune system
memory and focus
can be life threatening

Tell tale signs:
Boated belly
stinky stools
diaherra / constipation

Easy to be infected with them from:
drinking water contains giardia  
meat, fish (sushi) and pork have different nematodes and tape worms.
dogs and cats
even touching door knobs and so on
walking bare foot in grass or in a mud puddle
swimming pools even if they are chlorinated

They break through intestinal walls causing leaky gut that can cause:
weight gain
leaky gut
diarrhea/constipation because parasites upset sodium chloride balance
parasites can travel anywhere and settle in joints and muscles
swelling and inflammation
arthritic-like symptoms
allergies because of leaky gut letting toxins into blood stream resulting in auto immune reaction and inflammation.
get under skin and cause rashes that don’t go away
wear down immune functioning so you catch colds, flu, and viruses
rob you of nutrients – fats, proteins carbs that your body needs.
can make you crave carbs and make you moody
release toxins that destroy parts of your bran resulting in anxiety, depression, anger.

She claims that researach shows parasites can affect your brain to the point that some people are accident prone with their vehicles.

This video is a must see video for every one of us. Click here to watch it. Caution: She is promoting an herbal package to cleanse the parasites from your body and I was excited to see if it would be of use to us, BUT it's not. Her herbal cocktail is based on both wormwood and black walnut hull, both of which are used in many other cleanses but are a problem for us because they feed Collembola.

Remember, I noted that there is no similarity between intestinal parasites and Morgellons or Collembola. So, unfortunately, there's no herbal fix for intestinal parasites, but we still have them covered with our protocol.
1. Consume food grade diatomaceous earth.
2. Consume NG Mouthwashafter cleaning your mouth with it.
4. Garcillin- also an anti parasitic

After she discusses intestinal/internal parasites she goes into discussing malaria and other organisms and lists the other ingredients in her herbal formula which are:
1 Tumeric
2. Cumunin
3. Onion Extract
4. Black peppe
All of these ingredients are compatible with stage I of the Morgellons aka King Diet. However, remember the black walnut and worm wood are not.
What does this mean?
Our herbalist, Barbara, has a new task: Produce an herbal formula containing those herbs Of course in the mean time you can obtain them from your local health food store.

But, getting rid of the parasites in your gut and the rest of your body is only part of the problem. See tomorrow's update for the rest of the problem and the solutions.