Winning Against Morgellons with the King Diet 11/19/18


Hi Richard
I also want to say “Stay on the Diet”!!!!!   I got reinfected last March and it has taken until mid October to completely heal. Absolutely staying on the diet for at least 6 months is a necessity for me.  This is the third time I’ve gotten completely healed to be able to eat anything with no symptoms at all.  I pray for all of you that you find the stamina to stay on the diet and get healed too. 
 I also pray I don’t get reinfected again. My mother has this too and she won’t stay on the diet and so is seeing no progress.  
To heal, you must simply follow the protocol.  But there are no half measures.  Either you do it 100% of the time, or forget it.   

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I thank Nancy for sharing. The good news is that the diet works and that you can get to a point where you can eat basically everything you want, BUT, NOT ALL THE TIME. Just as in the beginning, it's important to get the right amount of disinfectant in your bath so that it destroys the organisms without it being too strong to irritate your skin. With the diet, it's about learning how far you can stretch the diet without relapsing. It's happened to me a few times that I stretched the diet too far too long. For instance, one night during the summer I had a piece of watermelon and had no problem. So, I ate a piece the next night and the next night and the next night for an entire week thinking everything was OK and BAM, suddenly everything wasn't OK. It's important to look for the little tell tale signs of a small lesion forming or feeling crawling sensations. The truth is that we are never ever totally free but the good news is that life is basically as normal as it was before we were infected.

If you haven't had success with the diet, don't despair. You are either making a mistake with the diet, i.e. unknowingly consuming something not on the diet and it will be important for you to figure it out, Most likely there's an ingredient in something that you are missing. Alternatively, you want to consider kick starting the diet with one of the medications listed in Chapter VI.

Another reason may be that your surroundings are not effectively being disinfected and you're constantly getting reinfected from your surroundings.

Please join our Sunday telephone support group where the fight against skin parasites can be taken to another level. Participants can exchange phone numbers and support each other during challenging times. You will hear from those just getting started on getting their lives back and the misery they are experiencing, and you will hear from those who are way beyond that point and have 80 or 90% of their lives back--it's heart warming. You'll know that you are not in this fight alone and that you are a lot more than the disease. Let the energy of Margie (our group leader) and the group pick you up and find a buddy to support you during the week.

The support group is scheduled Sundays at 4 pm EST. To join in the meeting all you need do is call 605-472-5471 at the appointed time listed above and then enter access # 130156 and wait for the meeting to start. You're free to join the meeting anytime. As they say, Better Late than Never, however, we prefer you be on time as much as possible. And the meeting will be recorded.