Win the War of the Mite 12/8/2021

If mites are an issue for you, start with this update and then, if you need, go to the detailed free report, Win the War of the Mites

Mites, over 90% of the time, are the vector (carrier) of both Morgellons and Collembola. For me, they were the easy part. I simply spread diatomaceous earth (DE) everywhere and used it in my clothing and bedding. But they are not so easy for everyone. I surmise I had a bird mite as my infestation came from a bird nest in a tree. They are often visible although I never saw them, except as black specs on my skin after they died. Bird mites do not fly.

According to Britannica, there are about 45,000 different species of mites. Some are more difficult to deal with as they are airborne infecting walls, ceilings, floors, and float though the air. My Sunday co-host, Robin, my Sunday co-host, has dealt with a far more difficult mite than I dealt with as you'll see in the following instructions she writes to someone she's coaching. I added in references to previous updates about mites.

"It takes an incredible amount of energy and persistence to overcome mites. It's important to be diligent and totally persistent.
Generally, things like pine sol, Lysol, or alcohol does very little. If ammonia works, consider yourself lucky. With resistant mites it's important to rotate products. I ended up using the triple pesticide and permethrin 10% spray. The triple pesticide is explained in Chapter III of Richard's book. It's three ingredients are Onslaught, Exponent, and IGR mixed together.
Note she has since added two more ingredients: Cyanara (targets springtails) and 10% liquid Permethrin Read "Triple Pesticide Grows to Become Cinq Pesticide." 8/7/21

I have recently found that mites hate clove oil. you can make a spray with 45 drops of clove oil to a quart of water and spray the house frequently. Richard has an update, Disinfect Morgellons with Clove Oil 6/18/18 that everyone should read. If you add the clove oil to 1/2 cap of NG, the clove oil will be dispersed in the water when you add to the quart of water.
For your skin, you can make a spray with 10-15 drops of clove oil, some coconut oil, and a few drops of Nature's Gift® concentrate. Spray your skin frequently. You can also add the clove oil to any of Richard's skin creams, lotions or gels in his store.
And you can get some
organic clove oil and put one drop under your tongue daily. In fact, the Morgellons Cocktail , a combination of 5 essential organic oils many use internally, has Clove oil in it.
It takes months of persistence to get rid of mites. Everyone that is affected by them in the family needs to:

1. be on the King DietSM

2. take 3 soaking baths a day for 30-45 minutes with a capful of Natures Gift® Deriding Soap (NG), a Cup of Epson salts, 1 Cup apple cider vinegar, 10 drops of peppermint or clove oil and a splash of antibacterial dawn dish soap.  Mix the essential oils with the NG before adding to the bath water so the oils will be dispersed in the water instead of floating on top.

3. in addition to the basic nutritional package (Collembola/Lyme Pack) take the
Nature's Gift® Chitosanase Enzyme Formula and lufeneron. The enzymes break down chitin (mouth parts of mites and break up biofilm) and the lufenuron keeps the shells of mite eggs from forming. Whenever you're using supplements or meds like Chitosanase Enzyme formula, MaxOne, Garcillin, or lufenuron, it's advisable to protect against detox reactions by either adding digestive enzymes and the NG Complete Amino Acid Formula or Zeolite as explained in the update,
"Diminishing Detox Reactions from Morgellons Using Enzymes, Amino Acids, and Zeolite 3/1/2020"

4. consider one of the meds listed in Chapter VI of Richard's book that reduce dopamine levels in the brain. There are eleven meds - pimozide, Serequel, Abilify, Doxepin, Claridin, and so on. Read "Why Medications Block Activity of Morgellons 2/13/20. We are now looking into herbs and other natural substances that also reduce dopamine levels to replace meds that need medical supervision.

5. follow the protocols for laundry and keep clothes from getting reinfected by putting in zip lock bags or airtight containers. Read More about Laundry and Morgellons 3/16/19 for some tips.

6. dust Diatomaceous Earth where ever you can - furniture, bedding, auto, invert your clothing and dust it. Read Diatomaceous Earth for Fighting Morgellons 4/29/20

ozone treatment is recommended to mix in the treatment. The ozone unit produces 7,000 mg/hr and is good for 500 square feet.

8. use the electrostatic sprayer. Read What to do When Morgellons Fights Back in the Environment 2/25/20
Its important to wash bedding daily. Presoak in your washer with a cup of ammonia, spin to empty the washer, then wash with 1/4 Cup of
Clean-Em-Up Zyme, 1 tsp of Clorox powdered pool shock, and a cup of borax. Mix the enzymes and pool shock together before adding to your washer to keep from spoting your clothes. Caution: do not use powdered pool shock with ammonia as it will create deadly chlorine fumes.
In the dryer use a spray of peppermint and clove oil on dryer sheets and dry everything on high for 1.5-2 hours. Also add in about 1 to 1.5 cups of ammonia.
It's overwhelming. Use our stress management techniques - deep breathing and tapping - that we share in our Sunday Conference call to minimize the stress response which only lowers IQ and kills creativity. Better to focus and keep a diary of your daily goals and experiences including the foods you eat and any reactions. Be methodical instead of
Hara Kiri.
There is no quick or easy fix. If you have an exterminator who will work with you that can help. If you have a doctor that will prescribe a protocol of ivermectin and permethrin that can help, but it won't cure you.
Everything takes time and diligence.

Also... I have found that pesticides like the triple pesticide, or flea bombs, are much more effective if you spray (or bomb) wait a couple of hours and then ozone for 4 hours straight or 1 hr on, 1/2 hour off for 6 hours.

Also, zoning while using a
UVC light is super effective for floors and counters.. Run it for at least 1 hour at a time, and keep doing it. I cleared the apartment bathroom in a week. AND nuvan strips are miraculous for small spaces.

I couldn't get the cupboards clear in my little apartment, and I used nuvan strips and after 3 days they are mite free.

Remember to put vinyl zippered covers on mattresses, box springs and pillows. You can also put novan strips inside the vinyl mattress covers on the bottom and they will kill anything in there. It makes a huge difference."
I thank Robin for sharing her experience and knowledge. For the mites that fly, spraying walls, ceilings, and floors is important. More details in our Free Report, "Win The War of the Mite," which goes into far more detail.