Can SSKI Help Get Your Life Back Faster from Morgellons?  5/4/2023


So many people have claimed healing from Morgellons supplementing with SSKI. This is either because rose gardener's disease (sporotrichosis) is a co-factor or they are simply deficient in potassium and by correcting that deficiency their body can overcome Morgellons. Read on.

Just like clean air, water and a healthy lifestyle is vital to sustain life and this goes without saying.

When it comes to nutrition it certainly does go beyond our food chain in the form of supplementation.

Looking at what vitals are missing in our food chain and what these missing links actually do in the body in order to determine your supplementation requirements.

♥  Iodine, a missing link.

The Nutrition Society mentions globally two billion people are deficient in iodine.

♥  What is iodine?

♥ Iodine is an element that can be found in every single cell within the body as per 
Full Spectrum Family Medicine.   

>  Over 50 years ago iodine was classified as an essential trace element and nutrient for optimal thyroid function and vital to sustain life

♥  Why are we deficient in iodine?

>  Iodine (iodide) is unevenly distributed in the earth’s environment.  In many regions leaching occurs from erosion, flooding, and glaciation.  Erosion causes surface soils to deplete of iodide and so most iodide then lands up in the oceans  Iodide ions are oxidized in sea water to elemental iodine, this then evaporates into the atmosphere and comes back via rain to the soil and this is the cycle. 

>  The cycle of iodine in many regions is slow and incomplete, leaving drinking water and soil depleted of iodine. 

>  As per
The Nutrition Society Crops grown in iodine deficient soils tend to make human and animal populations iodine deficient. 

♥  Iodine’s function in the body?

>  The thyroid gland uses iodine to produce thyroxin (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).  The thyroid hormone T3, regulates fat burning and the metabolism together with protein synthesis throughout the body.

>  Every cell of the human body contain iodine.  Highest concentrations found within glandular tissues such as prostate gland, uterus, thyroid, thymus, breast tissue and ovaries.  

>  Iodine is needed by the mucous lining throughout the digestive system, salivary glands and also the skin the largest organ of the body.

>  Iodine is an antioxidant.

>  Empowers the immune system.

>  Prevents auto-immune diseases.   

>  Anti-Cancer -  Iodine is implicated in the process of apoptosis meaning cell death, hence prevents cancer and mutations within the body.  

>  A potent detoxifier of poisonous chemicals like heavy metals such as chlorine, lead, aluminum, bromide, mercury and fluoride.  A vital attribute in healing from Morgellons.


  SSKI (iodine)  a direct link to healing Morgellons as per SsciElo who concluded after a 24 year experience in Brazil that SSKI is a very effective drug in this retrospective study of culture-proven cases of cutaneous and lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis.

Note that some youtube videos promote SSKI as a cure for Morgellons, but that's not true. There are many factors that complicate Morgellons such as intestinal parasites, mites, Candida, Strongyloides, and so on. It just so happens that Rose Gardner's disease, sporotrichosis (a fungal organism often contracted by contact with rose bushes) or as some claimed - falling into a rose bush is sometimes a factor that complicates Morgellons.

♥  What are the other symptoms of iodine deficiency.

>  Symptoms may include goiter, cretinism, mental retardation, hyperthyroidism, extreme fatigue, cold hands and feet, weight gain. sleeplessness, joint pain, muscle cramps, constipation and other digestive challenges, agitation, poor memory, depression, headaches, sudden hot flushes, muscle weakness, increased body temperature, sweating, myalgia, edema, patchy dry skin and brittle hair and nails.  

♥  My own experience with Morgellons and searching for answers.

>  Most of my life I had weight gain challenges, then recently a sudden unexplained weight loss.  My daughter sent me to a Doctor for a range of tests including the thyroid.  The tests all came out positive.  I was the picture of health according to results, although looked critical with a fungal skin condition all over my face and weighing in at 43 kgs.

>  Personally I have never had much joy with the medical industry who sent me to the nut house for this condition.  I pretended to pop their pills and lost my story about stuff coming out my skin and was released.  I was steered to go the holistic way.  The only way.

>  After these so called great results from the Doctor I went to an Ayervedic clinic for a bio-feed back scan which showed a host of challenges.  One of the pointers that stood out was “Faulty thyroid”

>  Clearly tests performed by Doctors only show up health challenges when they have reached a higher point to which they can then reflect.  What else could it be?

♥  DIY thyroid analysis.  

>  I also then did my own simple 
DiY thyroid visual analysis by going onto google images and saw my thyroid was enlarged just like the pictures showed.  I proceeded to go on SSKI (Iodine concentrate).

♥  What research suggests?

>  Recently research shows preventing thyroid challenges with a minimum amount of iodine may prevent an enlarged thyroid.  Although trace amounts of iodine will not be sufficient for the other cells of the body.  This would presumably result in an iodine deficiency.

♥  Supplementing with Iodine (SSKI) as a lifestyle.

>  When the whole body has received all the iodine that the glands, tissues, and organs require, the body then becomes sufficient and stable in iodine.  

This is known as “whole body sufficiency.”

♥  When are you sufficient in iodine?

>  Iodine sufficiency can be concluded with a marked improvement in your general sense of well-being, regular bowel movements, elimination of mental and physical fatigue, increased energy, less sleep requirements, greater sexual enhancement, improved skin complexion and overall health.

>  Substantial iodine levels are a must for optimal immune system function.  

♥  Iodine a magic potion for Morgellons.

>  Did you know iodine also contains powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and anticancer properties. 

♥  Important info for Morgellons.

>  SSKI is a concentrated form of Iodine and that one drop of SSKI equals twenty drops of commonly sold Lugals Iodine. 

I was drinking bottles of Lugals Iodine at one stage and it never touched sides with this monster.  I'm on SSKI now 6 months and the life force of the organism has toned right down.  It's no longer as aggressive as it was.  Life is slowly returning to normal with the help of Richards book, "How to Get your Life Back".  Diet is imperative.

Handy hint.  Do not take vitamin C at the same time you take SSKI as vitamin C neutralizes it.  

I wonder for the sector of the population that say SSKI never helped them if they were taking it with vitamin C.

Now that you know the iodine value and that it’s a missing link in our food chain and how it’s utilized by every cell in the body…
The grand question.

Why would you not want to supplement with SSKI to get your life back from Morgellons?

I am so grateful for Diane's contribution while she was alive and a part of our team. As I noted in a prior post, she ended her life to escape the agony of living with Morgellons.

In summary, anyone of many deficiencies in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and so forth can interfere with one's health and provide a fertile ground for Morgellons to thrive. Unfortunately, unless one has access to diagnostic tools, it's a matter of hit or miss until you find what you may be deficient in. Thus by experimenting and boosting iodide, one may find amazing results or not.

Another issue could be that
sporotrichosis (fungal organism) is the significant co-infection and by using SSKI, sporotrichosis is eliminated and then Morgellons disappears.

So the answer to the title of this update is yes, if you are deficient in iodide or if you are also dealing with rose gardener's disease, SSKI can help you get your life back from Morgellons faster.