Chem Trails Creates Morgellons Crystals 10/20/19


I can't believe it, here I am writing about chem trails. I never thought I'd be doing this. It appears more and more that Morgellons is the product of experiments on humans. Call it the perfect storm. First of all there is Monsanto dumping millions of pounds of glyphosate upon us in the name of progressive farming. And to add insult to insult Monsanto genetically modifies plant seed splicing in toxins to kill bugs and worms. Both get into human food supply with potentially drastic consequences as reported in the following 4 blog posts.

1. Morgellons: The Evil Monsanto War Machine Takes Over the Food Market 12/14/18
GMO's--Connection to Morgellons: Savior or Destroyer? 1/2/19 this one is a must read. It has links to the video series, GMO’s Revealed.
Glyphosate News and Morgellons Sufferers 2/4/19
Did Monsanto Create Morgellons Disease with its Weed Killer? 6/2/19
This alone, is enough to put the nail in the coffin, but then I received an email from

For years, others have been accusing chem trails as a culprit. I've watched several videos but I just couldn't understand how elemental particles released in the atmosphere could have much of an impact until Susan sent me this YouTube video titled, A Solution They Do Not Want You to Know. This is a must see video. You would think that if someone informed President Trump of this, he'd put a stop to it, but no, he'd probably just say, "Fake news!" But, how about all the other senators and congress reps? Does anyone know one of them personally?

Instead of being the typical video of airplanes flying overhead with their chem trails complete with much speculation, this video gets into the structures on the ground and how they work with and interview with someone who worked in the program who explains that the particles are released in the atmosphere for experimentation. Yes, experimentation that maybe was initially to study our atmosphere, but has gone far beyond that to perhaps actually manipulate all animals, including humans. It's a top secret program that is run blind to the politicians that fund it. I've only watched it once and would have to watch it two or three more times to fully understand how or why Morgellons is involved. I suspect it's a result of the formation of crystalline nano bots it creates.

The program sounds like the self replicating bots that eliminate humans in the Sci Fi TV show, Star Gate, many years ago. Do you know that show was popular about the time that Morgellons began emerging? What a coincidence!

Perfect storm? It seems to be coming together. First we have the storm of chem trails resulting in crystalline structures in our bodies--many Morgellons sufferers report crystalline matter. Then we have the storm of glyposate (an antibiotic) that destroys healthy microbes in the digestive intestinal tract plus any contribution of toxins from GMO foods to erode our natural immunity. 

Morgellons appears to be more than just two storms converging for there is the borrelia
burgdorferi (Lyme spirochete) storm found in all Morgellons sufferers. Read the following two blog posts. And, Dr. Zack Bush, in one of the GMO's Revealed videos claims glyphosate is responsible for the explosion of Lyme disease, among many other diseases, today.
Morgellons Research Links Lyme Diesase and Ulcerative Bacterium 6/30/19
Morgellons and Lyme Disease Research Link 11/22/18 research reported on Morgellons Foundation website

Yes, Morgellons seems to add up to three storms:
1. Chem trails thought to be a conspiracy theory by many including Wikipedia
2. Monsanto's glyphosate and GMO's
3. Lyme disease

I thank Susan for taking the time to share the Youtube video. Out of this is the good news--the counter agent--shared at the end of the video by the fellow who was interviewed. His testimony is replete with all the horrors of death you'd find in a whistle blower's life. 

The counter agent or antidote is boron as found in 20 Mule Team Borax. Many have used it both internally and externally. He claims that the impact of Chem trails is neutralized by putting a pinch of 20 Mule Team Borax (boron) in a glass of water and drinking it three times a day. Boron is available in tablet form too. I'm researching the different products to find one compatible with the King Diet™.

Additionally, it's important to alkalize. He suggests two tablespoons a day of apple cider vinegar organic with mother in a glass of water. Drink 1/3 with breakfast, 1/3 with lunch, and 1/3 with dinner.

The problem with apple cider vinegar taken internally is that apple cider vinegar feeds Collembola; and roughly 80% of Morgellons sufferers are also dealing with Collembola. Thus apple cider vinegar may be an issue until mid Stage II of the Diet is reached. Alternatively, drinking water infused with our NG ionic minerals is also highly alkaline and also provides all the minerals you need in bio available form. Ideally, it would be beneficial to consume both the apple cider vinegar and drink water infused with NG ionic minerals as explained in blog post, It Has Come to My Attention We Are Not Selling Enough Ionic Minerals. And, part of the Morgellons protocol is to take two teaspoons of baking soda twice a day on and empty stomach in a glass of water which is to also alkalize your body.

Also note, that while boron might be the antidote to Morgellons, because for many of us, mites, skin fungus, Strongyloides, and Collembola have become involved, getting one's life back is more involved than simply taking 20 Mule Team Borax internally three times a day. In other words, boron helps and may speed things along, but doesn't replace all the other recommendations in my protocol