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Heal With Laughter and Beat Morgellons Disease 5/31/2020

When you're laughing your brain creates hormones that help you heal... Read More

The Magic of Nature's Gift in fighting Morgellons Disease 5/24/2020

Cloth mites were just one of the kinds of mites I was dealing with at the height of my infestation...Read More

Are Cloth Mites Complicating Your Morgellons Symptoms? 5/10/2020

Cloth mites were just one of the kinds of mites I was dealing with at the height of my infestation...Read More

Grovers Disease and Morgellons Syndrome 5/1/2020

...a rare, temporary skin condition. It causes sudden red, raised, blistery, and sometimes very itchy spots... Read More

Diatomaceous Earth for Fighting Morgellons 4/29/20

"It’s important to keep your immune system boosted and as strong as possible." Read More

Recipe for Beef Stew 4/22/2020

Beef stew recipe for Stage I of Diet  Read More

Recipe for Chicken Salad & Mayonnaise 4/21/2020

Chicken Salad Recipe for Stage I Read More

What Are Those Nodules or Bumps Under Your Skin with Morgellons 4/20/2020

..70 - 80% of those who complete the questionnaire check that answer. Read More

Why Probiotics are Not the Answer to Morgellons and Prebiotics Are 4/19/2020

Let's Clear Up the Confusion about Probiotics and Discover the World of Prebiotics Read More

Miracles of Baking Soda in Fighting Morgellons 4/10/2020

...she explained the value of baking soda in affecting electro-stimulation... Read More

EMF and Morgellons Disease 4/2/2020

...some of us are totally unaffected and others are totally affected to the degree that as much as 100% of the symptoms and biting can be from EMF. Read More

Self Diagnostic Test for  Morgellons?  3/16/2020

Here is a test described by one of the participants in the Sunday call a month or so ago to determine if you're dealing with Morgellons. Read More

Nature's Gift to Clean Lungs of Morgellons Debris 3/9/2020

....the coughing clear up within two days. Read More

Benefits of Zeolite for Detoxing Morgellons 3/4/20

...that makes Zeolite a game changer with respect to detoxing and diminishing the detox reactions. Read More

Diminishing Detox Reactions from Morgellons Using Enzymes, Amino Acids, and Zeolite

Detox Reactions are no fun, but yet often necessary to make progress. Read More


What to Do When Morgellons Fights Back in the Environment 2/25/2020

after she used the electrostatic sprayer, the parasites became more active and attacked her. Read More

Low Dose Naltrexone in the Fight Against Morgellons  2/16/2020

It has given me my energy back, helped with foggy brain, and has decreased pain by 85%. Read more

Why Medications Block Parasitic Activity of Morgellons 2/13/2020

Why do medications like ORAP (pimozide), Zyprexa, Abilify, Risperda...have in common? Read More

Mixing Essential Oils in Your Bath 2/10/2020

Fact #1 essential oils and water don't mix--the oils float on top. Read More

Will Supplemental Collagen Feed Morgellons 2/6/2020

...wont we just be "feeding them" if we take a Collagen supplement? Read More

The Lyme Disease and  Morgellons Connection 1/28/2020

According to the research posted on the Morgellons Research site, 90% of those with Morgellons has a form of Lyme disease... Read more

BioFilm and fungus or Something Else to Complicate Morgellons 1/21/2020

I’m wondering what is best for fungus in sinus, upper respiratory?  Read More

The Different Types of Parasites That Affect Morgellons Disease 1/5/19

Three main classes of parasites that may cause disease in humans: Read More

Brain Fog,  Fibromyalgia  and Morgellons Disease 12/27/19

the friend of both brain fog and fibromyalgia is inflammation. Read More

An Apple a Day Helps Keep Morgellons Away 12/23/19

...the ‘Green Granny Smith Apple’ knowing you are indulging in an apple that tops the charts according to extensive research. Read More

Chitosan and Chitinase Confusion to Fight Morgellons 12/21/19

"as I began continuing the protocols and added the Lufenuron and Chitosanase I seem to be getting “to the end!!!"  Read More

Bakers Chocolate Warning  12/20/19

My feet were getting so much better and my feet turned kind of reddish purplish. Read More

Internal Parasites Public Enemy #2 to Morgellons Disease  12/17/19

Many Morgellons sufferers know that they have internal parasites. They see them in their stools, They see them emerging from their skin. They feel them moving around in their throats, ears, chest, eyes, and head. Read More

A Huge Myth About Morgellons Disease 12/11/19

"Most research since 2013 suggests MD is spread by a tick, so it is unlikely to be contagious." Read More

Myth #1 About Morgellons Disease 12/8/19

...some people have stated to me that if you are free of symptoms on the outside, that means that the disease has now gone deeper into your cells and tissues." Read More

The Amazing Banana Stands Up to Fight Morgellons Disease  12/5/19

What’s in a Banana that can do great things for you in overcoming Morgellons Disease? Read More

Chitin Public Enemy #1 to Morgellons Disease 12/3/19

Chitin is the substance from which egg shells from mites are made. Read More

Fight Morgellons with Sleeping Bag Liner  12/2/19

"The sleeping bag liners are small and convenient to launder as opposed to regular sheets" Read more

Morgellons--A condition that attracts being ridiculed and belittled--Sunday Call 12/1/19

..instead of acknowledging Morgellons as a disease, ridiculed this woman by saying... Read More

Gut Bacteria  Aids In Morgellons Recovery And Dictates Your Health 11/18/19

It's always been known bacteria in the gut are for digestion, however recently it has been discovered they do a whole lot more. Read More

Video Microscopy for Morgellons Disease 11/16/19

Modern video microscopy can bring delusions of parasitosis out of the dark ages! Read More

The Antidote to Morgellons Revealed and In Our On-line Store 11/14/19

The antidote to Morgellons is given as a pinch... Read More

"Lufenuron Saved My Life" from Morgellons Disease 11/12/19

"Just a note on how Lufenuron saved my life... Read More

Morgellons Syndrome Aggravated by10 Dangerous Health Hazards in Your Home 11/3/19

Morgellons Disease and other skin parasites aggravated by 10 Dangerous health hazards you may have in your home and how to overcome them. Read More

Is Depression resulting from Candida hindering recovery from Morgellons?  10/24/19

Don't let depression get the better of you. Read More

Depleted Glutathoine by NSAID’S is a Slow Death for Morgellons Syndrome 10/23/19

...medications like Tylenol are actually killers. Read more

Chem Trails Creates Morgellons Crystals 10/20/19

The program sounds like the self replicating bots that eliminate humans in the Sci Fi TV show, Star Gate, many years ago. Read More

SLS Toxicity to the Endocrine System Disrupting healing from Morgellons 10/18/19

Did you know, almost every cell and organ is affected by the endocrine system? Read More

Give Your Scalp A Bath 10/12/19

The scalp is one of the most difficult areas to treat for Morgellons Disease Read More

Disinfect Keys, Jewelry, Eye-Glasses of Morgellons 10/6/19

"Denise has discovered a great way to disinfect jewelry, eye glasses, razors, phones, hair clips, and so on."  Read More

Chitinase for Morgellons  Lesions 9/12/19

Facial lesions resultant from Morgellons Disease are often like a curse. They not only destroy your skin, but pirate your self esteem with unsightly scars. Read More

Skin Deep Documentary About Morgellons Syndrome & Antibiotic Treatment 9/11/19

..those with delusions of parasites are Morgellons Sufferers  Read  More

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate a toxic ingredient found in your laundry detergent and cosmetics is causing stress on and in your body!  9/6/19

..the dangers of SLS alone have been documented in more than 16,000 studies indicating it causes respiratory problems, eye irritations, organ toxicity, developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, ecotoxicology, boichemical or cellular changes, possible mutations and cancer. Read More

Morgellons Disease and Your Nose and Ears Re visited 9/3/19

"I put cotton balls soaked in solution ( NG + distilled water+ lavender oil ...as Elle wrote) into my nostrils . After 10 or 15 minutes I can see" something" on cotton balls. NG is pulling them out like cork from the bottle : )"  Read More

Elle Didn't Give Morgellons Disease a Chance 8/23/19
how she won her battle against skin parasites  Read More

Dealing with Morgellons Disease in Your Nose and Eyebrows 8/20/19
"Since taking and using your products to include the diet, I’ve gone from what felt like 10% quality of life to 90%, but what can I put in my nose and on my eyebrows?" Read More

Beat Morgellons Disease with the King Diet 8/18/19

The key is to "DO" the King Diet™. Don't "TRY" it. Read More

Manage Stress to Manage  Morgellons Disease 8/15/19

It's normal for everyone who is dealing with Morgellons Disease, skin fungus, Collembola, skin mites, and so on to ignore the impact of stress... Read More

Parasitologist to Help Defeat Complications Affecting Morgellons Disease 8/11/19

Laurie, found a parasitologist that actually knows what he's doing. Read More

Morgellons Disease and Your Environment 8/5/19

"...how can you tell where they are located such as floor/furniture/clothing etc." Read More

Chitinase to Deal With Morgellons Disease and Bio Film 8/5/19

"I actually have been using the Chitinase pills since you first added them to the store. Definitely start with on."  Read More

Do Vaccines Cause Autism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  Alzheimer’s ... 7/27/19

...the CDC and big pharma swears that the vaccines were and are safe, but Pandora's box has been opened. Read More

Rifampin For Dealing With Morgellons Facial Lesions 7/23/19

"I went to a dermatologist last year in Plainfield, Indiana.  He laughed when I told him I thought it was Morgellons. He has heard that term from other patients. He gave me a 10 week dose of Rifampin..." Read More 

The Difference Between Fogging and the Electrostatic Sprayer 7/16/19

Disinfecting one's environment, of Morgellons and other parasites, can be easy or it can be what seems like an endless challenge. Read More

Indigestion and Morgellons Disease 7/15/17

"Having a hard time digesting food, Would this supplement be okay or no?"  Read More

Managing Emotions to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons Disease 7/14/19

Who Are You? Read More

More Medications that Feed Morgellons Disease 7/7/19

"You can add Gabapentin and Neurotin to that list. Read More

Morgellons Research Links Lyme Disease and Ulcerative Bacterium 6/30/19

Morgellons disease ravages your body of essential nutrients. Read More

Medications that Feed Morgellons Disease 6/26/19

"...medications that makes symptoms of skin parasites issue 10x worse."  Read More

Questions About Supplements for Morgellons 6/24/19

Morgellons disease ravages your body of essential nutrients. Read More

Arthritis Left Over from Lyme & Morgellons Disease 6/23/19

"Even after antibiotic treatment, some Lyme disease patients continue to suffer from debilitating arthritis.Read More

Fighting Morgellons Disease With the Electrostatic Sprayer 6/20/19

"The electrostatic sprayer has taken all the worry away from..."  Read More

Cleaning Carpet/Rugs of Morgellons Disease 6/19/19

Rugs often show up as an issue and are a challenge to disinfect. Read More

Using Your Mind to Defeat Morgellons Part III 6/16/19

This update is about the next and final step--how to program your brain to produce results. Read More

Using Your Mind to Defeat Morgellons Disease Part II 6/9/19

"I was thinking about ending it but I prayed a lot and found your book. My quality of life has improved tremendously. I am no longer hopeless." Read More

Using Your Mind to Defeat Morgellons Disease 6/7/19

"Garbage In--Garbage Out," is a phase coined decades ago to describe how computers work. Read More

Important--Lufenuron Update 6/6/19

...the protocol for taking lufenuron has changed. Read More

Did Monsanto Create Morgellons Disease with it's Weed Killer? 6/2/19

The answer is most likely. Read more

Non healing lesions and Morgellons Disease 5/31/19

These lesions can be disfiguring and aggravating. Read More

Bio Film and Morgellons Syndrome 5/26/19

BioFilm is often a major factor when dealing with Morgellons Disease  Read More

Demodex Mites and Morgellons Disease 5/26/19

There are two species of Demodex mites, Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex brevis. Read More

Lufenuron and Dealing With Candida Auris & Morgellons Disease 5/19/19

The CDC says., "It can spread in hospitals and nursing homes..."  Read More

Step One-The King Diet to Fight Morgellons Syndrome 5/13/19

.."I can't take this anymore and will do anything at this point."  Read More

Electrostatic Sprayer Wipes Out Morgellons Disease 5/12/19

"The time involved is fantastic and not having to inhale the ammonia fumes is wonderful."  Read More

Stomach Issues with Morgellons Disease 5/3/19

"...I am having very bad stomach problems, pain, nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea, from Morgellons. Read More

Hypoglycemia and Morgellons Disease 5/1/19

...hypoglycemia which may complicate getting your life back from Morgellons Disease. Read More

Using Lufenuron to Fight Morgellons Disease 4/30/19

Morgellons disease is often complicated by infestations of mites, Candida Albicans, skin fungus, and internal fungal infections. Read More

Gum Issues and Morgellons Disease 4/25/19

Morgellons Disease has a way of destroying many parts of your body. Read More

Is It Dangerous to Use NG Full Strength? 4/24/19

"I put it on this gooey glob and what happened was it all came off, a big glob, the whole thing..."  Read More

Benonite Clay Vs DE, and Rope Worms to Tie You Up 4/17/19

"I have Morgellons and so does my 2 sons"  Read More

Disinfecting for Morgellons and Oxygen Therapy 4/15/19

"...what is your opinion regarding ozone generator buying in order to gas//cleanse home and water drinking along w/ intravenous infusions?"  Read More

Keytones and the Morgellons King Diet 4/14/19

"...yesterday I went to have my blood and urine test and got a high level of ketones in my urine." Read More

Antibiotics for Lyme Disease and Morgellons Disease 4/8/19

Lyme disease has proved itself to be an enigma. Read More

Diagnosing Morgellons Disease and Treating Your Dog 4/7/19

Everyone who comes down with relentless itching...is totally mentally destroyed when their doctor tells them that they suffer from delusions. Read More

More About Lufenuron in the Fight Against Morgellons Disease 4/6/19

... using lufenuron with children, and is it produced in China. Read More

Super Bread Recipe 4/4/19

Super Bread Recipe for Stage I Read More

Morgellons and Make-up 3/25/19

When I was first infected I threw out all of my make-u...Read More

Special Guest Article about Morgellons Support Help 3/24/19

Morgellons disease, is one of the hottest-for many doctors and scientists-too hot of a topic to even discuss or prescribe treatment... Read More

Apple Cider Vinegar for Morgellons Co-Fungal Issues 3/22/19

Fungal issues often complicate Morgellons, mites, and other skin parasites. Read More

Lab to Identify Mites 3/18/19

Almost every week someone sends me pictures of organisms or things they find Read More

Rashes, Strongyloides, and Morgellons Disease 3/17/19

There can be many different reasons for rashes...Read more

Salicylic Acid And Benzyl peroxide used for Morgellons Disease 3/15/19

There are many ways of "skinning the cat," Read More

More About Laundry and Morgellons 3/6/19

Disinfecting one's surroundings and or laundry can be one of the biggest challenges... Read More

Killing Lyme Disease with Morgellons Cocktail? 3/3/19

Maybe there's some truth to this. Read More

Disinfecting Laundry for Morgellons 3/1/19

A topic that can be most challenging is disinfecting the laundry. Read More

Mass Exodus of Morgellons Fibers w Baking Soda 2/22/19

"...my hair started going crazy..." Read More

More About Lyme and Morgellons Disease 2/17/19

If you'd like to know more about Lyme disease.... Read More

How Contagious is Morgellons Disease 2/14/19

Morgellons Disease Can Be Transmitted by A Hug, Right? Read More

I'm Not Getting Better 2/11/19

"I bought your book & am doing all that I can afford to do and nothing is working." Read More

Super Saturate Postssium Iodide SSKI Added to On-line Store 2/7/19

Supersaturated Saturated Potassium Iodide, SSKI, has been added to the on-line store--30 ml for $19.95. Read More

Glyphosate News for Morgellons Sufferers 2/4/19

...Bottom line, it's evil and destroys the fabric of our health and eventually the ability to reproduce. Read More

Bathing, Saunas, Worms, Cats, GI, Chewing Gum, Diet, Supplements... 2/2/19

After our coaching session, she asked a few important questions. Read More

Morgellons Disease and Internal Parasites 2/1/19

...three typical symptoms of Morgellons can be from internal parasites such as pin worms, round worms, hook worms, tape worms and so on. Read More

Mixing NG and Enzymes Don't Mix 1/28/19

There are two popular enzyme products on the market... Read More

The Hidden Danger of Rice 1/26/19

...rice has arsenic in it... Read More

Clearing Environment for Morgellons Disease, Mites, and Other Skin Parasites 1/23/19

The electrostatic sprayer deposits a negative charge on what is sprayed through it. Read More

Help for Cats and Dogs 1/22/19

There's been some question as to whether you can use diatomaceous earth and essential oils with cats. Read More

Beat Morgellons and Live to be 120   1/20/19

Monsanto has destroyed your natural mineral supply with their Round Up herbicide Read More

It has come to my attention that we are not selling enough ionic minerals 1/15/19

it's a problem for your health Read More

Good-bye to Intestinal Issues Associated with Morgellons Disease  1/13/19

..there's been so many millions of tons used that it gets into our water supply can even in the air we breathe. 
Read More

Beating Morgellons Is A Lot of Work 1/12/19

"I am on stage one of the diet. This is day 7. I am feeling a little discouraged." Read More

Winning against Morgellons With the King Diet 1/5/19

I want to say “Stay on the Diet”!!!!! Read More

GMO's--Connection to Morgellons: Savior or Destroyer? 1/2/19

Why hasn't there been thousands of riots? Read More

You Can Get the Upper Hand with Morgellons Disease 12/30/18

"I ordered the NG debriding soap a couple of months ago along with the liquid shower soap.
I want to thank you for creating your products!" 
Read More

My 3 1/2 Yr Old Son Has Morgellons 12/28/18

"I see signs of Morgellons in my son who is 3 1/2. He gets facial skin sores ..." Read More

Morgellons Disease Destroys 12/23/18

"I feel it is a little late for my face and outward appearance." Read More

How About A Stevia Pop 12/19/18

Maybe I should have saved this idea for summer Read More

Evil Monsanto Created Morgellons Disease 12/17/18

Through deductive reasoning, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson would give Monsanto the award for creation of Morgellons disease. Read More

Beyond the World of Morgellons Disease Are Internal Parasites 12/16/18

I'm often asked about internal parasites and receive pictures of the things found in the toilet or one's stool... Read More

Morgellons: The Evil Monsanto War Machine Takes Over the Food Market 12/14/18

Zack Bush MD, provides a historical understanding of how big business, Monsanto, came to the food market. After World War II Read More Read More

The Evil Monsanto War Machine Takes Over the Food Market 12/13/18

How Many SkiScientists took components from petroleum and made fertilizer to feed crops. Read More

Another Skin Parasites--Sand Flies 12/13/18

How Many Skin Parasites Are There in The World? Read More

Disinfecting With Lime Sulfur 12/12/18

"I also bought lime sulfur you mentioned and how do I use that for my car?" Read More

Questions After The Sunday,  Let's Heal Together Program 12/6/18

"I started your diet approx a month ago. I was very delighted because I saw results." Read More

Is Morgellons Contagious 12/5/18

 Can my sister stay at my place over the holidays?" Read More

Itching and Lesions Gone for Morgellons 12/3/18

 "Whenever I itch now, I use your exfoliant cream and crystals pop from skin. When they are gone, itching stops. No lesion occurs where the crystals leave the skin. Read More

Extreme Bathing for Morgellons Disease 12/2/18

 I've always thought that Epson Salts was a weak disinfectant, but... Read More

The Itch Factor In Morgellons Disease 12/1/18

 Scratching in response to skin irritation damages the outermost skin cells.. Read More

Rabbits Get Morgellons Disease Too 11/30/18

 I am having good results wiping my rabbits down with the mouthwash. Read More

Lyme Spirochetes found in Morgellons Sufferers 11/29/18

 "Yes, there is a definite relationship between what I eat and the itching/biting... Read More

Thanksgiving Turkey Fights Back 11/25/18

  ...how does a spirochete, which we know is present, causes DNA to be rewritten, creates the fibers, which some find contagious, hijacks a variety of different organisms and sets them up in a breeding pool under the skin... Read More

Brain Fog Tip 11/23/18

"I have bad amazing success with getting rid of brain fog, clarity, and loss of memory."  Read More

Morgellons & Lyme Disease Research Link 11/22/18

 Morgellons patients are infected with Borrelia burgdorferi--the spirochete that is Lyme disease. Read More

Winning Against Morgellons with the King Diet 11/19/18

 I also want to say “Stay on the Diet”!!!!! Read More

You Can Get Your Life Back From Skin Parasites 11/18/18

 ...I screwed up in the beginning because I didn't read your chapters on that clearly.. Read More

70 Yr Old Legs with Morgellons Disease Healed 10/14/18

 ...when I added the NG soap my skin became healthier. Read More

Why Bother Fighting Morgellons Disease? 10/11/18

 I almost died mar 2018,,, Read More

Jump Start the King Diet 11/8/18

 I love your three day emergency techniques... Read More

Time for Intimacy Again? 11/4/18

 When is it safe to have a intimate relationship again? Read More

Another Way to Relieve Constipation 10/29/18

 "I’ve found that if I...it seems to make stool smother & softer & easier to pass for me !" Read More

Possible Social Security Benefits for Morgellons 10/26/18

 Morgellons disease and Social Security Read More

Organisms Eating Your Counter Tops and Wood Furniture? 10/25/18

 "I have things eating my counter tops and wood chairs." Read more

The Chinese Connection 10/23/18

 "In order to fill the gap biological pest control parricides were engineered... Read More

Amalgum Filings and Morgellons Disease 10/21

 "I'm wondering if I should replace my amalgam fillings if this would be of any benefit?"  Read More

Intestinal Parasites & Morgellons Disease 10/20/18

 Intestinal parasites are often a problem that complicate recovery from Morgellons Disease Read More

More Experience With Lime Sulfur and More  10/19/18

 Stopped them in their tracks! Works immediately where ever you spray it. Read More

A Cure for Morgellons?? 10/16/18

 ...two people forwarded me information about a cure for Morgellons. Read More

Lyme Literate Medical Doctors Treating Morgellons Disease--Dr Schaller Arrested 10/15/18

 ...studies that show that antibiotics don't work with chronic Lyme and actually may do more harm than good.  Read more

Dr. Schaller in the Morgellons Disease Hall of Shame 10/14/18

 ...Dr. Schalller will be the first to be admitted to the "Hall of Shame."  Read More

Gum Problems and Morgellons 10/11/18

 There are two things you can do for your gums:  Read More

King Diet: Cure for Morgellons Disease 10/10/18

 I felt so cured that I began eating recklessly...  Read More

Relapses Are A Bitch! (Diet and Change of Seasons) 10/7/18

 After over a year of no symptoms I have been re-infected with Collembola and skin fungus.  Read More

Lime Sulfur Feedback 10/4/18

 "For the first time in two years I am having success controlling my environment using the lime-sulfur concentrate..."  Read More

Other Options to the Triple Pesticide 10/3/18

 Rose may have discovered an option to the triple pesticide which can only be used every 11 days    Read More

Dealing With A Morgellons Disease Set Back 10/1/18

 I thought I was improving but had the worse week ever....  Read More

More About Morgellons and Hair 9/28/18

 I am delighted you're offering the lime-sulfur solution.  Read More

How to Get Rid of Spores and Crystals from Morgellons... 9/26/18

 This product is unique in my experience. When you apply it, any spores, crystals and other nasty shouldn’t-be-theres instantly are attracted to the skin’s surface and can be immediately removed...  Read More

The Debriding Soap Is Not Working 9/24/18

 "How I'm using the debriding soap isn't working, what am I not dong right?"  Read More

Lime Sulfur Concentrate New In Our On-Line Store 9/20/18

 Lime sulfur is said to be the one thing that will destroy all forms of Collembola and Morgellons..  Read More

Using Mouth Wash, NG, & Lufenuron for Morgellons Disease 9/16/18

 My main reason for writing is my mouth...   Read More

Morgellons Disease Treatment Questions  9/9/18

 realize this a real challenge so I'm not expecting you to have an answer.   Read More

Morgellons Disease Treatment Questions  9/9/18

 realize this a real challenge so I'm not expecting you to have an answer.   Read More

You Might Have to Give Collembola the Boot 9/3/18

Many have reported that they get infected outside of their homes as they walk in their walk way or around their property.   Read More

Ozone Update and Alternatives 9/1/18

The most recent recommendation is to treat the affected area with ozone every day for 21 days straight...  Read More

Disinfecting Papers and Books 8/30/18

To treat thick books like the thickest encyclopedias my husband wrapped them in 2 layers of tin foil and... Read More

Ignorant Politics Rule the Reality of Morgellons Disease 8/26/18

It's more like a bunch of nosey busy bodies looking for dirty underwear than... Read More

Is Nature's Gift Safe for a Young Child 8/19/18

is it safe for a 5 year old to soak in a tub with NG and a disinfectant? Read More

King Diet for Morgellons Sufferers--Recipes for Katsup, Mayo, & Taco Salad  8/17/18

Katsup and mayo are ingredients that are a part of many recipes and very very difficult to find compatible with the King Dietd Read More

Evil Monsanto Found Guilty 8/16/18

...evil Monsanto is the cause of much health related misery in our country and maybe the world Read More

How Do I Keep Them Out of My New Car? 8/12/18

I'm very concerned and you may be the only one to help. Read More

It's really difficult to diagnose scabies. 8/10/18

It's really difficult to diagnose scabies. Read More

Itchy Skin Rash Finally Gone After Two Years 8/9/18

...my itchy skin rash - that I had for about 2 years has been gone for over 6 months now because of YOU Read More

Yea you are getting rich off the suffering people 8/5/18

...every day you go to doctors, pay lots of money and then thank them for absolutely nothing and don't complain to them about their ignorance and stupidity when they diagnose you as delusional. Read more

Mouth Wash Just Might Be So Much More? 7/29/18

All in all, it might become the most important product ever. Read More

Water, water, water and glutathione 7/20/18

...something that is not on the label, may be as important as taking MaxOne, is to... Read More

Trouble Disinfecting Laundry 7/15/18

...I created a soap that works great for me after many failed attempts. Read More

Disinfecting Collembola and Morgellons with Ozone 7/12/18

....shock treatments for 21 straight days... Read More

Strongyloides On the Rise In Australiia 7/1/18

Strongyloides is another skin parasite that threatens health and sanity and results in itching symptoms of its rashes Read More

Fight Morgellons Disease by Boosting Glutathione 6/30/18

It's really too bad that doctors do not have you tested for glutathione levels like the do for cholesterol... Read More

Morgellons Disease in the News 6/26/18

Newsweek published this press release Read More

Looking for the Magic Bullet to Kill Morgellons Disease 6/24/18

she told me she had a cure for Morgellons. Read More

 Disinfect Morgellons with Clove Oil 6/18/18

Disinfecting the organism from your surroundings has always been a challenge! Read More

 Morgellons Disease and Your Eyes 6/17/18

Almost every week someone writes me with serious issues with Morgellons in their eyes Read More

 Cleaner for Toilet Seats  6/11/18

Toilet seats are always a challenge. Read More

 Take This to Your Doctor for Morgellons Disease 6/9/18

...super important to read as it provides a summary of everything done to date... Read More

 Morgellons Disease and Face Lesions 6/3/18

"Its only been a week and my face is completely healed!" Read More

 War on Fluoride with Morgellons Disease 5/29/18

Which would you rather have, bad teeth or bad brain?? Read more

 Amazing Results With Glutathione 5/26/18

"I took three Garcillin and 2 MaxOne this morning and I feel like..." Read More

 More Parasites Bite the Dust 5/20/18

"I thought I was going to lose my mind until..." Read More

 Gout and Renal Issues for Morgellons Sufferers  5/18/18

"...I don't want to lose my foot or have more issues... Read More

 How About the Deeper Levels of Your Morgellons Infected Skin?  5/13/18

"How soon can you tell us about this new development?" Read More 

 Baking Soda Magic 5/14/18

...a few have reported that Baking Soda alone was all that was necessary, in addition to the King diet, to get their lives back from Morgellons... Read More  

 Garcillin and Morgellons Disease 5/9/18

"...I was able to sleep all night without wishing I would die!"   Read More

 Is Burning Skin Associated with Morgellons Disease? 5/6/18

"my skin burns like I have a sunburn..."

 Lyme Disease and Morgellons Syndrome 5/1/18

in spite of antibiotic therapy, all subjects were found to still be infected with the Lyme spirochetes. Read More  

 27 out of 100,000 Suffer From Delusions of Parasites 4/29/18

a report titled, Delusions of Skin Infestation May Not Be So Rare Read More  

 Smell the Roses, but Don't Fall Into Them 4/25/18

"It is a rare fungal infection...

Time for Stress Relief from Morgellons Syndrome 4/23/18

Morgellons syndrome and other skin parasites can steal away your life not only physically, but mentally too. Read More   

The Morgellons Treatment King Diet 4/22/18

"Not until I discovered the King Diet™ did I notice real improvement in my fight against skin parasites..." Read More   

Are You Suffering from Strongyloides? 4/21/18

Strongyloides stercoralis is another mean skin parasite.

Motel-Hotel Warning 4/18/18

"...my condition started from staying in a filthy motel..." Read More   

DE vs Bentonite Clay Morgellons Treatment 4/17/18

...compare the benefits of using diatomaceous earth (DE) to using bentonite clay... Read More   

Be Careful of Rose Bushes 4/16/18

"Morgellons raised it's ugly head after I fell into rose bushes..." Read more  

Lyme Disease Toxins and Morgellons Disease   4/15/18

"My doctor was telling me that if a person with parasites or Morgellons has mercury amalgams that they need to be remove... Read more  

Scalp Full of Morgellons Fibers 4/12/18

"I have been fighting with Morgellons disease in my scalp making lesions.". Read more

Frequency to Apply Skin Creams for Morgellons Disease   4/9/18

our deep cleaning creams and lotions help rejuvenate your skin  Read more

Too Much Knowledge Can Be Dangerous When It Comes to Morgellons Treatment  4/8/18

"Medications that work for Morgellons Cure and Treatment  Read more

Enemas as Part of Morgellons Treatment  4/5/18

"This is so embarrassing, I pulled out about a dozen organisms in the anal area..."Read More

My Book Saves Morgellons Women From Divorce?? 4/1/18

My husband banged his hand against the table and said that I wasn’t doing enough.  Read More

She's Not Afraid Anymore 3/26/18

"With your protocol, Richard, I am not afraid any more. God led me to you!!"  Read More

The CDC Has Acknowledged Morgellons--Don't Hold the Party Yet!! 3/26/18

"The researchers concluded that the fibers are clearly biological in nature...  Read More

Morgellons Affects More Women Than Men 3/25/18

"...women meet with an unprecedented amount of resistance from their husbands..."Read More

DIagnosing Morgellons Disease and Lyme Disease 3/20/18

I have been suffering from Morgellons for almost 3 yrs now and I didn't realize what it was...   Read More

Many More Women Than Men 3/19/18

Many More Women Than Men Have Morgellons Disease...  Read More

Oxygen Therapy 3/17/18

For years I've recommended food grade hydrogen peroxide...  Read More

I Want My Face Back 3/16/18

"Since my face got discolored fighting parasites off while they attack my body what do you suggest"?  Read More

The Lyme Parasite Conundrum 2/26/18

KE asks, "should I be asking for blood work to see if I have that bacteria that causes Lyme disease?"  Read More

White Sticky Stuff Re-Visited 2/25/18

Gaylinn had the same problem with white sticky stuff and found...  Read More

Do You Have White Sticky Stuff in Your Clothes? 2/20/18

I emailed you about how to get the white stuff out of my clothes.  Read More

Death Sentence?? 2/19/18

Erica writes, "...all of this cleaning and wiping this that and the other sounds like a death sentence to me"  Read More

The Ultimate Collembola Killer 2/18/18

This update may be a very important one for some of you dealing with a resistant strain of Collembola.  Read More

New Advances In Lufenuron 2/17/18

Lufenuron is a pet medication that inhibits the production of chitin. Chitin is the substance that eggs of mites are made  Read More

Bathing and Nature's Gift Soap Question 2/16/18

Julie asks,
My reinfection is unfortunately charging ahead and I wanted to ask
Read More

Does Soap Kill 2/15/18

Theresa asks,
Does the soap penetrate into the skin to get rid of the underlying crawling and kill them?
Read More

Doctors Do Mental Harm 2/12/18

Hi Richard
I cannot put into words or express my gratitude on your relentless research on this evil affliction.
Read More

Constipation Revisited 2/11/18

Hi Richard,
I am taking the Diatomaceous Earth as you said one teaspoon a day on an empty stomach.
 Read More

Sweet Tooth Recipe  2/8/18

Melisa contributes a recipe for your sweet tooth that is stage 1 of the diet compatible. Read More

She Says She's on the Diet & Asks About White Lint in Hair 2/7/18

Hi Richard
Your diet is right-on. I craved �something sweet and afterward I was right back where I started.
 Read More

Is Morgellons Contagious? 2/1/18

I've addressed the subject of Morgellons being contagious several times in the past. Read More

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