Is it an Electrostatic Sprayer or Not  2/24/2021


Electrostatic sprayers have become a game changer when it comes to disinfecting your surroundings. Unlike regular sprayers or foggers, the sprayer puts a positive electric charge onto the spray particles which is the opposite of the negative charge on everything in the environment. This means that the particles are attracted to any surface like opposite pole magnets attract.  

This is important. For instance, if you fog or spray, you are depending on the spray particles to deposit themselves on the surface. This is not so for the electrostatic sprayer. For instance, if you spray a door knob with a regular sprayer of use a fogger, the particles will deposit on the front of the door knob where you can feel the wetness. But if you touch the back portion of the door knob it will be dry. 

However, with the electrostatic sprayer, it's like the particle are bent around the door knob and cover the back as well which will also be wet. This device is amazing, but the drawback is that it's expensive, $950, which is up about $100 from what it was pre-Covid-19.

During one of our Sunday programs, someone shared that she had bought an electrostatic sprayer from Amazon. I wondered why since the vendor can not supply direction or advice on how to use it for dealing with skin parasites. 

Then Ethel, our greeting coach sent me a link to one she found on Amazon for about $150. I ordered it immediately for an inexpensive electrostatic sprayer would be a game changer for everyone. I found two of these inexpensive units on Amazon and checked the reviews. One had poor reviews and deemed a waste of time and the other had great reviews so I ordered it. I was amazed to receive it within two days and excitedly took it out of the packaging. I didn't even have to charge the battery. The container for the disinfectants was larger and easier to load into the device to spray. Also, it sprayed further than the electrostatic sprayer. I was excited. I asked Chris to put some anti microbial into the container to test it. 

The moment of reckoning was at hand and I chose a file cabinet handle to spray. It took less than a few seconds to aim and spray. I touched the front of the handle and it was wet, however, I was disappointed to find the back of the handle was dry. I read through the easy well written instructions and didn't see where there was an on-off switch to turn on the electrostatic aspect of the sprayer. An email was provided and I sent them the following question: 

Just received the sprayer and was excited to use it but
It is not putting a charge on the spray.
what could be the possible reasons?

Richard Kuhns

Within hours I was pleased to get the following response:
Hello Richard,
Thanks for reaching out. Is your question regarding whether or not this sprayer will have a 360 wraparound? 
For your information, the Protaclean Electrostatic Sprayer is a negative ion electrostatic sprayer. It has a built in ion generator that imparts negative ions to the air and chemical stream coming out. I have attached the product sheet with further information regarding our product and the negative ion feature. This is not intended for use as a 360 wraparound electrostatic sprayer.

If you needed a 360 electrostatic sprayer instead, we totally understand and can help you with a refund and return label.
Does this answer your question?

Best regards
Stephen and the Protaclean Team

The answer is in his answer. Yes, it is an electrostatic sprayer, but instead of putting a positive charge on the particles it puts a negative charge on the particles which is the same charge as the environment. Thus, it can not do what we need it to do. For our needs, it is a complete waste of time and expense, a regular $1 sprayer from the dollar store will do the same thing.