Guide for taking Lufenuron, Fen Ben, Nitenpyram, Ivermectin 8/25/2022

Many write me and ask if lufenuron, Feb Ben, Nitenpyram, and Ivemectin can be taken together. Since I'm not the expert, I rely on Dr. Luna and his associate, Nancy, for the answers. Here's what she writes.
"If you are taking the products according to the directions, then the Ivermectin is safe to add. That means no more than one 800 mg Lufenuron per day, no more than one Fenben per day, no more than one Nitenpyram every 3 to 5 days.

The goal is to figure out exactly what is the issue and then address that directly. The best way to do that is to add each thing separately and see if it is helping. If not, then go to the next treatment. Staying on all of the products forever is not the goal.

Having said that, Lufenuron is VERY safe. It only affects lower forms of life. You start Fenben at 444 mg and drop to 222 mg size if staying on it for a long time. It's safety comes from the tiny dose that we use. The Nitenpyram is safe, but not every day, even though they say it is, I don't think anybody has done long term studies on daily usage. The Ivermectin is used as a dose for worming, but nobody has done long term studies on its daily use either."

Following is a Summary of the four medications: 
Lufenuron inhibits the production of chitin. Chitin is found in ALL fungal organisms such as Candida Albicans. Chitin is also found in the shells of eggs of mites and their mouth parts. So, it inhibits the formation of mature egg shells and mouth parts. 

Dr. Luna recommends one capsule daily for 96 days. It's important to consume fat with it such as a pad of butter with an egg for breakfast. You're wasting your time and funds if you don't take the fat with the capsule. Lufenuron has no side effects and doesn't interact with any other medications.

Fenbendazole also known as fen ben. Fen ben is for cleaning out intestinal parasites as well as nematodes found in other parts of your body such as throat, head, chest and so on. Dr Luna suggests starting with the 444 mg/day dosage for three days and then four days off. Or you can take the 222 mg/day dosage daily. It can be used for as many months as long as needed. There are no reported side effects and it only affects liver enzymes if taken in larger dosages for extended periods of time.

FYI, Dr Luna has a cancer clinic in Mexico and he uses both lufenuron and fen ben on all his patients in their treatment to get rid of them as variables in the treatment of cancer.

Nitenpyram is a relatively new med that Dr. Luna has added to his offerings. It's use is for mites and we have received many favorable reports. It can start destroying mites within 30 minutes. Nancy, of Shop4Morgellons writes, "The Mite killer only kills parasites in the adult stage, so it is best every other day or every three days, until all of the mites have hatched out in the environment and been killed, maybe like in a month.  It is very important that you take it long enough for all of the stages of the baby mites to hatch out and are killed, or they will come back. Also, the original source of infestation could bring them back as well."

Inermectin ~ safe as single dose worming, safe at 12 mg daily for up to 2 weeks. Take with food. This is a very popular medication and almost everyone dealing with skin parasites thinks it will make a big difference. In my 20 years experience only a few have reported significant improvement by using it for Morgellons. However, approximately 20% of those with Morgellons also have Strongyloides Sterarcoralis and it turns out that Ivermectin is one of the medications recommended for Strongyoides. "Strongyloides hyperinfection and its association with COVID-19 treatment" published 3/23/2021 in Infectious Disease News, states the preferred treatment is with Ivermctin at a dosage of dose of 12mg/125 pounds per day orally for up to two weeks depending on severity of infection. Fen Ben (the medical equivalent to Albendazole according to Dr. Luna) can also be used but may be less effective. Both meds are available at

If you suspect you might have Strongyloides, read "Rashes, Strongyoides, and Morgellons Disease," 3/17/19 There are seven symptoms to watch for. 

Ivermectin, also known as Stromectol is not to be taken for long periods of time as liver enzymes can be affected.

For general use dosage for Ivermectin is not clear cut. The site says, "If exposed to disease, take one per day for 5 days. If showing symptoms, still one per day as long as the symptoms persist but no more than two weeks without a week break." Take it with food. Until you determine what's best for you, just make sure you have your liver enzymes checked regularly.

Many ask if these medications can be taken together and the answer is yes, except to not
not take fen ben and ivermectin on the same days. In other words, take fen ben for three days and then take ivermectin for four days. But in accordance with the above instructions, take a week break from ivermectin after two weeks. You can also take them with any of our supplements without any interactions. Dr. Lunna tells me that these medications can be priceless if we do not abuse them.


If you have any questions about these medications, rather than email me, it's best to call Nancy at 888-882-8844 in Texas. Nancy is Dr. Luna's assistant and knows far more about these medications than I do.