Mouth Wash Just Might Be So Much More? 7/29/18


One of our most popular products is our NG Mouth Wash. I recommend it for cleaning your mouth and it can also be used on your skin as a body wipe. Instructions say it is non toxic if swallowed accidentally, but what if you consume it on purpose? I haven't been recommending consuming it, but one lady did write back in Jan that she greatly benefited from consuming it. All in all, it might become the most important product ever. And, if you already have the large 20 oz bottle and are running out, don't throw out the empty bottle as you can now get a refill that is only 2 oz of concentrated NG, cinnamon, peppermint, and ionic minerals. Do not take this straight as it may cause you to gag and choke plus burn your mouth.

Since she reported using it internally, no one has said anything one way or the other, but maybe she's onto something. NG is a cleaner! On your skin and in your mouth it goes deep inside your skin to clean it. Why wouldn't it do the same when consumed internally? I assumed it would only clean your digestive and intestinal track, but then I realized that the mucosa of your intestines according to Wikipedia, 'The normal thickness of the small intestinal wall is 3-5 mm, and 1-5 mm in the large intestine."  That's around .o4 inch in thickness. The job of the mucosa is to let nutrients pass into the blood stream and keep out pollutants--the waste products (excrement) that poison the blood stream.

Those with leaky gut syndrome have musosa that is letting some of the toxins into the blood stream and it's said to because the mucosa are weak and there's too much distance between them.

Typically, with skin cells, there's a distance of about 300 angstroms or more between them. I didn't find the distance between the mucosa. The NG atom is 6 angstroms in size--very easy to fit between skin cells which is why it's such a great cleaner. And why I recommend staying in the bath tub for up to 45 minutes is to give it time to weave it's way deep inside your skin to effectively deep clean.

Most likely, there is also a significant distance between the cells of the mucosa. And, likewise, it's also highly probable that the mucosa won't regard NG as a toxin and let it pass right on through like an E-Z Pass into the blood stream.

Now, what if NG gets into your blood stream? Wow, the impact could be dramatic. What if it cleaned the bio film off of the clusters of Lyme spirochetes? What if it cleaned your blood? To understand how this might happen, click here for how this angstrom technology works. Remember, it's only carbon and nitrogen--totally inert to us humans--no different than eating charcoal. The only difference is you won't get black poop. But, being a cleaner, you might initially get more diarrhea than you desire.

Now the FDA would put me in handcuffs if I said or suggested that it might destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoan in your blood stream so I won't even come close to saying that as I don't like the idea of sitting in jail. So, I won't say that.  

My step son, who has had chronic Lyme for several years, is on my protocol of supplements. I had him start consuming the mouth wash ten days ago. He reports a boost of energy after consuming the mouth wash as well as a boost when he takes the MaxOne and Garcillin. He only takes a teaspoon a day of the mouth wash at this point, and if he has diarrhea from it, he skips a day. I suspect his experience would be true for most people. I don't know if the diarrhea is from it cleaning or a detox reaction.  But, after suffering for years and spending thousands of dollars, he's feeling better than ever before. He hasn't stopped medical intervention, but the protocol is making a difference.

I decided to try it myself and consume about 1/2 teaspoon three times a day--no diarrhea for me yet. Of course, I've been doing diatomaceous earth on off for a a few months so that may be why I haven't had any reaction to the mouth wash.

I will tell you that if you choose to consume the mouth wash, I don't know how much would ultimately be required to make a difference, but starting at one teaspoon a day would be a good place to start.

If you're not dealing with Morgellons or Lyme, but instead only Collembola and or mites, I don't suspect that anything noticeable will happen. But who knows.
FDA tells me that I need to tell you, which is good, that before you ingest the mouth wash, NG (liquid carbon, nitrogen and water) plus cinnamon, and peppermint and ionic mineral, use my diet, or any of my supplements, that you are to consult with your doctor to make sure it will not interfere with any medical problem you have. And that the mouth wash is not a treatment or cure for any disease or the mitigation of any disease, If you choose to follow through and consume the mouth wash, you would be doing this as your own risk.

And again, as I previously wrote,  it's possible that as it cleans, you may experience detox reactions too, other than diarrhea. And if you do it, please let me know if you do or do not notice any benefit after a couple weeks.