Using Mouth Wash, NG, & Lufenuron for Morgellons Disease 9/16/18


Linda, who is dealing with Morgellons disease and mites, wrote to share her experience with NG and ask a few questions about the mouth wash, using NG continually, peppermint, and lufenuron.

"Hello Richard. First and for most, let me thank u for your NG. I have been using it once a day for one week and the results r remarkable. I only do the bath once a day as it gives me a rapid heartbeat and a shaky feeling, inside shakes. I don’t know why, maybe because my thyroid does not function, I have Hashimotos disease. I sometimes get that reaction from drugs I take for various health issues. But, I am so pleased , my sores look almost healed and I no longer feel crawling.

My main reason for writing is my mouth. I have good results from Listerine, which my dentist recommended. He is a bee keeper and Listerine kills mites. I ordered your mouthwash and I have a very sensitive pallet and I cannot hold that rinse for even 5 minutes. Will I get any benefit by diluting it? Do u recommend anything else for the mouth?

I also have a question regarding fungus from the bath, I bought the peppermint u suggested to avoid that but I have had a thrush problem for years from antibiotics, so I am fearful. Is the peppermint all I need added to the bath to avoid skin fungus? I have also used 1/4 cup Epson salt both at the same time? Is that OK?

Lastly, can I use the NG all the time even if I am not active? I also purchased the Lufenuron, but have not started it yet. If that drug can stop production of chitin why isn’t it the recommended drug of choice? It sounds the perfect solution but I’m scared to take it. Thank u for helping me and others with this horrible disease. God bless u. With regards,"

Hi Linda,
Thanks for writing. You asked some important questions.
You can certainly dilute the mouth wash with distilled water or any good quality bottled water without fluoride or chlorine.
Peppermint is all you should need--the challenge is to figure out how much peppermint so as to not irritate your skin and destroy the organisms. Some people can tolerate 20 drops, others can only tolerate 10 or so drops. You can also mix peppermint with lavender oil to or you can mix in Epson Salts--a cup or so, or add in a cup of apple cider vinegar.
You can use the NG all the time. It keeps your skin clean and helps hydrate it.

MaxOne, to boost glutathione, is the best thing you can do for any auto immune issue such as
Hashimotos disease
The Iufenuronis for the mite issue. Mites are often the carrier of Morgellons. But lufenuron does nothing for Morgellons. It is the medication of choice for mites. The medications for Morgellons were listed in your protocol.
Hope this helps
I thank Linda for sharing her experience with NG and asking a few questions. NG is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Long long after skin parasites are history, using a cap of NG in your bath, or the bar soap in the shower is a good thing to do. In fact, I'd like to introduce NG to the general public as something to add every bath for deep cleaning--would be a great addition to a bubble bath.

And you can dilute the mouth wash to your liking. In fact, the refill is only 2 ounces. You can add all 2 oz to the empty 20 oz bottle and fill with water for full strength, or just add half from the refill bottle and fill the 20 oz bottle with water for 50% strength. Or, try 1/4 of the refill bottle to the large bottle and fill with water for 25% strength. By the same token, you can make it stronger by adding all of the 2 oz to the large bottle and fill only half way to double its regular strength. It's always important to shake the refill bottle before adding to the large bottle.

Lufenuron is said to be one of the safest medications there is. It is non reactive with other meds and has no known side effects. A recent blog post about lufenuronhas the most up-to-date information about it.