Can NG Multivitamin Make Me Itch? 7/15/2021


I received this email a few weeks back from Caroline in Belgium who was quite disappointed with our Nature's Gift Multivitamin. She writes, 
"Good morning Richard,
The Nature's Gift Morgellons Pack arrived finally in Belgium and I started immediately taking them in. What I notice is a very heavy itching on my forearms and upper lower legs (I think due to the Multi Vitamin). I’m not very happy with this: I order expensive supplements, pay VAT and duties on it in Belgium and then conclude that I cannot use them!

I feel quite cheated and disappointed today."

Regards, Caroline
Thank you for writing Caroline,
Based on my experience with this multi over the last three years, I'd say you're jumping to conclusions. I would check your diet to make sure you didn't make a mistake. Are you keeping a food journal as suggested in Chapter IV? It is more likely that one of the foods on the diet, is not OK for you. Some can't have spelt, some can't have coffee, some can't have rice. So, while the diet is spot on for 99% of us, there's that one percent for whom someone on the diet is not OK.

Check your environment too to make sure you were not infected from it.

Even being stressed out can cause a reaction.

After researching dozens of multi's, our multi is the only one that I could find that is 100% compatible with the diet. Check all the ingredients yourself against the list in the diet. Where all other multi's have additional ingredients, ours has "Absolutely None." It is only vitamins, no fillers, or additives.

The only way the multi could possibly be an issue is that if you have a sensitivity to one of the vitamins which is a separate issue from skin parasites."
Be energized, healthy, and well,

I thank Carolyn for writing, otherwise she might just have assumed that the NG multivitamin is the problem. It's so easy to overlook something when it comes to the diet. One lady, Marge, was having trouble. She was certain she was 100% on the diet and it wasn't working. She checked every food and spice she was using when she found that her Diamond salt had sugar in it. Just one tiny mistake and the diet didn't work.
When she switched to a sea salt without any other ingredients, the diet worked for her.

With respect to our NG Multivitamin, we are so so happy to have it to offer. There are three things about it that are over the top:
1.  It is only a multivitamin - no minerals or additives. So you get to choose whether you want to use our NG multi minerals or our NG ionic minerals.

2. It is specifically formulated for Lyme disease. And guess what? Roughly 90% of us parasites sufferers also have Lyme disease.

3. No fillers or binders in this formula.

Many tell me that they can only afford one supplement and ask which I would recommend. I'd like to say NG Multivitamins, but in reality it seems that its our MaxOne Glutathione accelerator which also contains 300 mg of Vitamin C to boost glutathione. I know that would be my choice too, but I'd also be afraid to stop the multivitamin.