Think Twice Before You Scratch that Itch from Morgellons Disease 2/25/2022

I must admit that the title of this update is rather silly. From my experience scratching my itchy skin was so automatic, there was never time to even think once about it, but then I had no idea how scratching my itchy skin could be causing other problems - especially with the gut where there are already issues with our gut biome being destroyed by chemicals such as glyphosate.

An article appearing in Green Valley, "Think Twice Before You Scratch that Itch"
goes into how scratching your skin cascades into leaky gut syndrome which is like public enemy #1

But this is not the first time I issued a blog post about scratching your skin.

Blog Post,
The Itch Factor In Morgellons Disease.12/1/18 Scratching your skin with your finger nails transfers bacteria from your fingernails to your skin which may contribute to rashes. 

Thw Morgellons, Scratching, and Leaky Gut Conundrum 9/20/2020, Relentless scratching of your skin over works your immune system and can damage it even leading to food allergies. If you're interested in how this all works, read this blog post as it goes into the mechanisms of how the mast cells are affected and what happens. So, there will be itching and as long as you scratch the itch, the mast cells will be stimulated.

Finding real relief
So, the answer is to stop scratching your skin, right? But that might be like asking a toddler to be quiet. Yet, it does point out that less itching will pay off big time. With a an amazing track record since 2013, our
Nature's Gift® debriding soap and the creams, lotions, and gels made from it have been the best approach to reduce itching over the long run.

Breaking the habit:
Itching has become a habit - an automatic habit that you don't even think about. This is how you break this habit:
1. Become aware of your scratching while you are scratching.
2. As you become aware, stop scratching and let you intelligence know that you'd like to become aware as soon as you feel the itch so you can avoid scratching.
3. Stop the scratching and instead, apply a lotion or cream and massage it into where you feel the itch. Massaging is different than scratching.
4. If you do this every time you catch yourself scratching, you may do this dozens and dozens of times, you will eventually break the habit and instead of scratching reach for a cream, lotion, or gel to massage into the skin.

And of course, remember the
King DietSM is what makes progress possible.

Ultimately, our goal is to strengthen the mucosa by feeding the cells with their natural food,
L-glutamine, and creating a healthy gut by restoring the flora destroyed by glyphosate with Ion Gut Health formula which is a formula of specific minerals to restore gut health. Both L-glutamine and Ion are part of the Morgellons Pack Plus. Our herbalist, Barbara, is working on an herbal gut repair formula, also containing L-glutatmine, to improve gut health.