"Lufenuron Saved My Life" from Morgellons Disease 11/12/19


There are many tools in my Morgellons' tool chest. When we're dealing with mites, Candida, skin fungus and fungal infections of the lungs, lufenuron is one of our two "go-to" recommendations. Lufenuron is a medication. Well, actually a pet medication that prevents chitin from forming. Veterinarians use it on animals for fleas and mites. Lufenuron prevents the eggs that are laid from forming their protective shells so the organism is never hatched. One of the names it's sold under in the pet stores is Program. It's illegal for humans to take Program.

Fortunately, the medicine I recommend looking into is available in capsule form as lufenuron from Mexico. It doesn't make sense that the veterinary world recognizes the value of this medication and the human medical profession has their heads in the sand like ostriches. I could understand it if lufenuron had life threatening side effects or has bad interactions with other medications, but it doesn't. In fact lufenuron has no side effects and does not interact with any other medication. It's the perfect medication if there ever was one.

I would estimate that 90% of the questionnaires I evaluate indicate the person is dealing with mites, skin fungus, Candida, or internal fungal issues in addition to Morgellons and or Collembola, so lufenuron is part of a majority of the protocols I send out. Shon wrote, "Just a note on how Lufenuron saved my life. I didn't eat much but I weighed 202 pounds (I'm 5'7'' tall)

I new I had internal parasites because I accidentally found them in Banquet single serve fruit pies and found them (flukes) in my stool. Plus my stomach was terribly bloated. I stumbled on your site and read how lufenuron could help.

One yr later I weigh 139lbs. The 1st dose was hard because they don't want to let go of the intestine walls so it was like pulling them off and it was VERY painful but worth it. Lufenuron, and your site, saved my life and I now look very carefully at my food under a cheap microscope- trust me everyone should. Thank you for tirelessly trying to help people."

I thank Shon for sharing. Lufenuron has been instrumental for many getting their lives back. However, I can't say that it will produce equal results for everyone. Shon's bloated stomach and eating very little was most likely an indication of Candidiasis as well. I remember when I had Candidiasis, everything I ate settled in my stomach like a lead balloon. Yes, it felt like lead but my stomach bloated like a balloon. However, when it comes to also dealing with Morgellons, taking lufenuron does not negate the importance of being on the King Diet (which happens to be an anti-Candida diet), bathing to clean your skin, disinfecting your surroundings, and so on. In other words, it's important to do everything plus lufenuron.

It's recommended to take one capsule daily for a total of 96 days for one round. Sometimes, another round of 96 days is necessary, but often times, one round is all that' necessary. It's important to take the capsule with food containing fat. A pad of butter with your egg in the morning will suffice.

Let me explain what lufenuron does. Mites lay eggs. The substance that holds the shell of the eggs together is chitin. It's somewhat like the mortar in a brick wall. Without the mortar the wall won't stay up. Candida and fungus or all types of eggs are likewise held together with chitin. Lufenuron prevents chitin from forming. That's how it works.

However, it does not affect the eggs that have already been laid so they will still hatch. My protocol now goes one step further. Chitin is also broken down by chitinase (an enzyme). A few months ago we added our newest enzyme formulation to the protocol. It's
Nature's Gift Chitinase Enzyme Formula. What it does is that it attacks chitin that is in the shells of eggs laid by mites, mouth parts (made of chitin) of mites, Candida, skin fungus, and other internal fungal issues. It is also a blend of enzymes that break down bio film which is also an issue for many who are dealing with Morgellons as written about in blog post, Chitinase to Deal with Morgellons Disease and Bio Film.

The ideal approach to
Morgellons Disease complicated by mites, Candida, fungal issues is to use both lufenuron and NG Chitinase Ezyme Formula together. Side effects? There are none. However, die off reactions may occur. Die off reactions can be minimized with another combination of enzymes found in our Serracor enzymes or Neprinol --a similar enzyme formulation.